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Hawaii Five-0 "Hoa Pili (Close Friends)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Who else felt like the beginning was a Bourne movie? I mean, the music even sounded a little like the Bourne theme music. If that was their goal to make it feel like that, then they nailed it. Guy getting onto a boat and finds his wife in bed with his best friend and he goes to shot him, but a boat blows up and so that interrupts them.

How cute was it that Steve was helping Kamekono get his pilot license? But on the training game, Kamekono isn't great. I'd be afraid to get in a helicopter with him. So, in a way, I could see why Danny was having a cow about it, but not to that point. He was being very negative in this episode about everything, it seemed like. Even Steve pointed that out. But Danny said nothing was wrong, but I felt like he had a problem with everything. I mean, I know he normally complains, but he was like overly doing it this time.

However, I am with Danny on one thing. Why would somebody want to do a shark tour? I know some people are thrill seekers, but that's just not me. 

The boat that blew up belonged to a shark tour company that was being targeted. Curt says that his brother, Jason was the one with the boat and that he is probably still out there somewhere and so Danny and Steve go to look for him. They find him, but he's dead.

Ended up being drug dealers that killed him because I think he was apart of their team or something. Can't quite remember. Steve and his team get into a shootout and get "kidnapped", kind of, but Kono saves them and gets the bad guys. So she's earned the "Book him Kono" and Danny wasn't too thrilled about that.

Guess Kamekono got his pilot license because the deal was with Steve and Danny that if Kamekono got his pilot license, then Danny would fly with Kamekono and he did it at the end, though, I think he didn't enjoy his end of the deal. Too funny with them all singing Magnum PI theme. :)

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode:

(No new episode until the 15th :( )