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Hawaii Five-0 "Olelo Pa'a (The Promise)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Very interesting episode. It starts out with Steve and Catherine in North Korea picking up a body and we don't know who is in the casket quite yet.

Now we flashback to December 2000. When Steve is training for the Navy and his friend Joe is in charge. He's kind of mean and almost makes one of Steve's friend's (Freddie) quit, but Steve stopped him from doing it.

Back to the present time. Steve realizes that the body isn't who it actually is supposed to be. How could he tell? His friend had a tattoo on his arm that he noticed wasn't there. 

Back to September 2000. Steve is getting put on an assignment (recognize the guys he's after?) and Steve can only bring one other person and so he thinks of Freddie. On the plane over there, he finds out that Freddie just got married and is having a baby.

It was a little hard sometimes to see what was the flashback or not because sometimes they would tell us and sometimes they wouldn't. Steve and Catherine go on a search to find out what happened to his friend and they find the guy that they had a shoot out with the first time they were there. So, they capture him and he brings him to where his friend was at. He was brutally beaten and Steve is furious about it. He wants to go to the guy that was in charge and who put the hit on his friend.

So, back to a flashback again. We find out what they were after. A person. They capture him, get into a major gun fight and Freddie gets shot a couple times and tells Steve to go. Steve doesn't want to leave his friend behind and tries to save him, still, but it doesn't work. Steve leaves and watches his friend die in the process and the bad guys take his body. :( 

But guess who they captured? The brother of guy that killed Steve's Dad! They are on the ride to the airplane to leave and that's when Steve gets the call. He's retelling the end of this to Catherine. It was sad, but cool how they tied the two stories together. Interesting to know how they got the guy and why Steve was where he was at the beginning.

Funeral for Freddie and Steve promised to tell his daughter some day that her daddy loves her. It was so sweet how he did it, too. Danny, Chin and Kono were all there, too.

Did you love or hate the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode:

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