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NCIS "Berlin" Episode Review

*Review contains major spoilers (do not read if you haven't watched episode yet!), so read at your own risk!*

This by far has been my favorite season of NCIS! So unusual for a show to get better after it's been on for so long. One of the mysteries of NCIS I guess. A lot of shocking stuff has happened this season that I did not know was coming (that's another thing that was right on their part, to not reveal too much of what was gonna happen this season) and this episode is one of them too. Something major happens at the end. But if you have not watched the episode, don't read any further! I'll reveal the cliffhanger and it's major and very important to the season finale and stuff.

So, onto the episode. Tony and Ziva are getting ready to go to what we thought was Rome, but in reality, it's Berlin where the bad guy, llan is headed. I'm not sure how they know that and nobody else does, but another interesting thing is revealed through that as well. Tony is being Tony and teasing McGee that he isn't going on the trip. 

We meet the new Musad director, Orli and Ziva does not like her. We later find out that it's because of Orli that Ziva's parents split up (an affair with Ziva's dad and Orli). I'm not trusting her, either. Why does she want so badly to be apart of the case with her dead agent? How they deliver him, Abby and Gibbs aren't thrilled about. Neither is Ducky. No Jimmy in this episode. :( He needs to be in the show more!

The case that Gibbs was working on with Orli ended up being a fake case because she needed a reason to get into the USA because llan is there! How he's still there and how they know it, I have no clue. But somehow Ziva knew too? I'm confused on that one. But Ziva thinks Orli is wanting the killer dead/caught the same reason Ziva wants him caught. But I'm not too sure it might be llan now. Because Ziva talked to him while they were in Berlin and he said there's more to the case then she knows. What's that supposed to mean? 

Major Tony and Ziva (Tiva) moments in this episode! First, the hotel room scene where maybe we learned a little bit about their situation while they were in Paris? Anybody catch that reference from Ziva and is that what she was talking about? That's what I thought of when she said "Remember the last time you called me Sweet Cheeks?". Also, they dance! Sort of. They are in a club meeting llan, who I think they thought they were meeting. Ziva ends up losing the bad guy and so they dance to get around the room. But it ends up being llan's brother that was there! So, they arrest him and go back home to the USA.

Ziva also kept having flashbacks of her dad when she was younger.

Now for the major cliffhanger. I believe Tony and Ziva had dropped the bad guy off and they were on their way home and the most horrible thing happens! They get into a major car accident and we have no clue if they are ok! Let me just say if something bad happens to Tony, I'll be very mad! He's my favorite character! And I think they'd have pretty upset fans if Tony or Ziva died because they have a pretty good team right now and I don't think they should mess with it. Also, since Tiva has a pretty big fan base as well. They better not mess with that "couple", either! I did not know about the car accident at all. Or about when Ziva's dad died or Vance's wife died. Just smart of them to keep secrets like that. Makes the show more exciting.

Did you love or hate the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode (It's called Revenge, with how the cliffhanger is, not too thrilled with how the title of the episode is - hopefully it's not anything bad):


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