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NCIS "Chasing Ghosts" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

A Navy reservist comes home to find that her husband is missing. So, NCIS is on the case.

Tony is really worried about how Ziva has been acting in this episode. She's been late and that's not like her. He's worried that she's doing bad stuff, I think. Vance finds out that Ziva has been snooping into her father's death and I guess she's not allowed to do that. But Vance and Gibbs don't really do anything about it. I'm not really sure why. And I don't know if they said or not. Homeland has started to take notice in Ziva, too, snooping. Which isn't good.

Jimmy's character has changed a little bit or is that just me that has noticed that? He's more joking around and stuff and even stands up for himself against Ducky! Ducky tells him to leave the workplace because what he's about to do is above him, but Jimmy doesn't stand for that and Ducky let's him stay.

They still don't know why Noah was taken. It is odd. I wasn't expecting how it to play out, either. I knew kind of from when Abby was explaining to Gibbs about the living room set up, that something was off, but I didn't know what it was and later it was confirmed that it was all a stage! Noah wasn't taken after all and that he and his wife were having marriage problems. It looks like Noah was having an affair with another lady and planned his "kidnapping" and he took his inheritance and was gonna run away! What a jerk, huh? His wife was so upset. She realized through all this (before she found out he was bad), that she still loved him. Well, probably not anymore. I felt really bad for her. 

Now we find out what Ziva has been up to! Tony decides to track down where Ziva went after work and follows her (with Abby's help) to a rundown apartment building and finds her in one of the rooms and guess who's already there? McGee! No wonder he was acting strange when Tony was asking all those questions at the beginning. What they are doing is illegal, though and Tony isn't thrilled about that. But he let's Ziva tell Gibbs himself and he already knew! How, I have no clue. But he gives her and Tony permission to go to Rome to run down the bad guy. I'm guessing this is gonna be the storyline for the season finale.

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Here's the promo for the next episode:

(Yet another break, is it just me or do all shows this season seem to be taking an awful lot of breaks?)