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NCIS: LA "Purity" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Navy guys celebrating a birthday and two of them are poisoned. One dies, but the other one lives. So, NCIS is on the case to figure out what happened.

Kensi was getting teased this time, for losing her W2 form and not getting her taxes in already! Everybody else had. Deeks blames it on her desk being so messy and later cleans it and she gets really mad that he did that, but he found her W2 form! That was too funny the prank they pulled on Deeks, too! He kept bragging how much money he got back from taxes and stuff and it didn't sound too legit, so they made him think it wasn't! Had a guy come in posing as an IRS agent and giving Deeks what he thought he owed the government a lot of money! It all turned out to be an April Fools joke! 

All their digging leads them to a protest group. Callen goes undercover as a protester and has to get into a fight with Sam in front of the protesters to make Callen look real. That part was funny! But it worked. He got in and was taken to a more "exclusive" group that was trying to make the world a better place by killing off all the dirty people in the world! Forgot to say that they found out that Callen was police and poisoned him! But I guess he had the antidote and took it. Not sure how he had it, but he had it. It ended up being the teacher that they met at the beginning (the one with the son) and he was having his son help him put the poison in the water supply! Nice dad, huh? His son thought exactly like his dad, though. But Callen talked him down from doing it. Thought it was cute of Callen to go later to visit Alex at the foster place he was staying at to just be a buddy.

Not really sure what the storyline for the season finale will be for this, yet. Kind of surprised they haven't taken off with one, yet. But maybe they will let us know soon.

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