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NCIS: LA "Red - Part 2" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I felt like this was a very anti-climatic ending to the two parter, but it was still a very good episode and a great introduction to the new team. 

Still on the look out for Spires. Red Team ends up going to El Centro Ca (I believe that's where it was - sorry if spelling is wrong). They are happy to be warm again. But the team, well, mainly Dave, is having trouble on who is in charge. Roy or Paris. Claire says it's Paris that they listen to, but Dave wasn't too sure about that. Roy and Paris both seem to want to be in charge. 

Callen and Sam learn a name to follow: Jose. But the Red Team finds him in a house where everybody is dead, including him. So, that was a dead end. 

Normally, Deeks or Kensi do have a plan, but they don't this time, which is just so unlike them. Deeks just goes in as himself to a house, I think it was Spires house and Kensi wasn't too happy about that. 

Roy was right. Ended up being a different shooter. 

Was it just me or does Dave seem to be like Tony, Deeks and Eric rolled into one? Not that I mind because those are my favorite characters! :)

Paris finally tells Roy that she's the boss and he's ok with it, since they seem to be having to work together for a while.

Spires turned out to be the target? I was confused and not expecting that at all. A shoot out happens and Roy ends up saving Paris again. 

Paris kind of explains what happened between her and Roy, but I don't think she told the full story to Callen. Said that Roy got shot, she got up to him, guy pulled gun on them, Paris shot him, but he wasn't down and Roy shot the guy. He saved her again in this episode, though. Not sure why that was a bad thing, though. I think there's still more to the story.

Red team leaving. Still think there was something going on with Paris and Callen. But maybe that was just me. I don't think that the thing with Hetty spying on them was ever revealed. Well, not spying, but checking up on them. Unless it was and I just don't remember.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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