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NCIS "Squall" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Guys on a navy ship having to go out on a deck during a terrible storm. Not really sure why they have to, but they find a dead body and learn that it's the doctor. 

Tony not too thrilled when Ziva points out his dry spell with dates. Even I knew that, but guess he doesn't want to admit that. 

McGee is late because he is a big brother and is bringing Adam somewhere for a field trip. So unlike him to be late to work, so he gets kind of teased for it when he arrives.

Gibbs, Tony and Ziva go to the navy ship to look at the dead body. That's when McGee finally gets to work. Stan is back! Also, Jimmy is back again! What was up with him in this episode? He was cracking jokes all over the place! But I loved it. Though, his timing on the jokes isn't great.

Now comes a surprising twist, Gibbs asks to talk to the Admiral who isn't happy that they are still on the ship and I thought McGee was acting funny when he was slowly walking away. Come to find out that it was his dad! Wasn't sure why he didn't like his dad, but that is made very clearly towards the middle of the episode. John McGee is not happy with what his son did for a career! He's actually very rude and I'm surprised that the times Gibbs and Vance both had a run in with him, that they didn't like hit him or yell at him. It looked like they were to that point, though, just didn't do it.

Tony is jealous with the "flirting" he thought he spotted from Stan and Ziva. But he was wrong about that! Stan is getting married.

Forgot to mention that I really loved how protective of Gibbs was of McGee! Kind of a father/son relationship there a little bit developing, I think. I think Gibbs is kind of like that with all the members of his team. But never really saw that with McGee until this episode. Just thought it was sweet. 

So now they are having to interrogate John McGee. He's being very defensive. Good that they were having Gibbs being the one in there. But McGee was on the other side of the glass listening. John is sick! He didn't want anybody to know. Poor McGee is so sad to hear that news, though. It turned out to be Carlton Maine. John's like "son" to him. I think his reason to killing the doctor was because he was trying to protect him.

I think there was a sweet father/son moment at the end. I think McGee and John finally made up. I think, I wasn't quite sure. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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