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Once Upon A Time "Lacey" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Was it just me or does Mr. Gold seem like he doesn't want to kill Henry? Which I was kind of surprised, but maybe because they are related, that has changed his mind? So, Mr. Gold is desperate to find somebody who brought the good out in him and that was Belle, who doesn't remember who she is. I knew that the beginning was a dream right when Mr. Gold took the wand and killed Henry. 

I didn't know that Regina hadn't heard all about Henry, Mr. Gold and Neal, yet! She wasn't too pleased when she found that out. She's why Belle is having a hard time remembering who she is. I think all the trouble could be solved with this situation if Mr. Gold told Regina that if he doesn't get Belle back to normal, he'll end up killing Henry. That part, I don't think she knows. After Mr. Gold said that he'd help Belle out, Regina visits her and gives Belle back her curse memories! So, now she thinks she's Lacey.

Forgot to say that David agrees to help Mr. Gold out with Belle after she turned back into Lacey! Mr. Gold (with David's help) asks Belle out on a date, but it doesn't go well. She ends up being in the arms of Robin Hood (I think) and she wanted to be because she only went on a date with him to be nice! But she does remember some of her old self. She kept saying things that Belle said and Mr. Gold remembered that. I thought their date was going well, but Belle/Lacey didn't. I feel bad for Mr. Gold because he ends up killing Robin Hood (I'm pretty sure that's who she was with, was I wrong?) and Belle/Lacey watches and actually enjoys it? So, I think Regina's plan is backfiring on her. This new Belle is gonna turn Mr. Gold really bad and that's not what he wanted. At least, that's what I think will happen. But you never know.

Tamara and Greg are working together still. Are they married or just together? That I can't figure out between them. Emma still has no clue that Tamara is bad. I believe they are still looking for Greg's dad and guess who they find to help them at the end? Hook! How can Hook know where the dad is? I have no clue.

Fairytale world was before Rumplestiltskin and Belle fell in love. Robin Hood breaks into his home and Rumplestiltskin is very mad. He tortures Robin Hood and Belle does not like it. Belle then frees Robin Hood and Rumplestiltskin finds out and then he takes Belle with him and is forcing her to watch Rumpletstiltskin kill Robin Hood! But they find out Robin Hood took the wand to heal his wife (I think that's who it was) and she was pregnant and thanks to Belle, Rumplestiltskin didn't kill Robin Hood!

David and Mary finally show Emma the bean field! Nobody can know about it, though. They have it hidden. I don't think Emma wants to leave her world to go back to her home town. I think she might be afraid, but David said that they can fix all the bad stuff that was in their world. Regina runs into Emma and knows that Emma is hiding something from Regina and she finds out about the bean field! This can't be good. I wonder what she'll do? The major storyline is of them getting home, so I don't think that'll happen right away.

On a cute note, I think Henry and August are going to become friends! Neal said that they met in the park and got along really well. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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