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Psych "Cirque De Soul" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Remember Marlowe? Well, she's back! She got released from jail and guess who is there to pick her up? Lassiter! Kind of cute that they are still a couple, but they are in for a bumpy ride when they go to Marlowe's parole officer. Turns out to be somebody that Lassiter hooked up with and never called back and she's held a grudge against him this whole time! He tells Marlowe to not let her know that they are a couple, but she somehow found out that they were. So, the place that Marlowe can go, it stops right in front of the house that Lassiter built for them! Now she has no place to live and they don't know what to do.

Zola comes to see Shawn (doing push-ups, not very well) about a coworker of her's acting really weird. Shawn tells her that he can't do anything until after 48 hours of the person missing. She said she'll wait there, then and watch him do the workout, but then he decides to not do it in front of her and accepts the offer and so she gives him backstage passes. 

Gus is having a day out with Max (Rachel's son). I think Rachel is fine, but I think Gus is a little nervous. Names things for them to do, but Max says no to every single thing until Shawn suggests the circus thing he was just asked to help on a case with and Gus has no clue. So, they go and Gus figures out that they are actually on a case and he's very mad. Saying that he doesn't want anything to happen to Max and then Max disappears! To make matters worse, that's when Rachel decides to call and check up on them! Gus is about ready to tell her, but then Max steps out of the bathroom. 

Shawn finds the guy that they were looking for, but he dies right in front of them doing a stunt! And right in front of Max. Rachel finds out and isn't happy at all. Breaks up with Gus and now he's mad and blaming Shawn.


Juliet decides to help out Lassiter and Marlowe with their housing difficulty and by helping them, she let's Marlowe move in with them! Shawn was very distracted the two times they talked about it and was shocked to see them when he came home. Juliet is uncomfortable with it, too, just not right away. She was put into some pretty embarrassing situations with the couple. 

That's when Lassiter thinks he found the perfect solution. For him and Marlowe to get married! But one of the rules of her parol is to not have wine and they do to celebrate and now she has to have a drug test, which Lassiter gets Juliet to take for her, I guess. 

Now Shawn uses Max again to try and find the bad guys because Max overheard them while he was backstage. 

How sweet was that talk with Henry and Gus? Henry overheard Gus at the park talking about what happened and Henry said that Shawn does this all the time. He thinks that the people he loves the most are going to leave him, so he's not being selfish, that's just how he reacts to those situations. 

Oh, the reason why the circus guy died was because they were trying to break into some place because the guy that Shawn saw at the beginning was the bad guy who captured Zola. Shawn goes in with the team from the circus by himself, but Gus gets there and I think he brings the police, too! So, they get the guy.

Forgot to say that Woody and Ursula got together! I kind of figured that throughout the whole episode. 

Gus and Shawn make up and so do Gus and Rachel. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below.

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