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Psych "Deez Nups" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

It's the big wedding! Well, not the wedding I've been waiting for (Shawn and Juliet's), but it was still a really good episode! Lassiter and Marlowe finally get married!

Lassiter is taking a day off from work! So unlike him. He has decided to do all his wedding planning in one day because they are getting married like 3 days later! Sounds like a lot of stress if you ask me, but I guess that's Lassiter for you. He goes into work to hand out wedding invitations. And invites Juliet and the Chief to Marlowe's bachorlette party and they aren't too sure because of who is putting it on. Wendy, an old cell mate of Marlowe's, I think. She's kind of scary and so Juliet and the Chief are just really nervous throughout the whole party.

Lassiter doesn't want to have a party of his own! But Shawn and Gus make him. They kidnap him (after Marlowe is taken for her party) and throw him a party. He actually enjoys it! They rented a party bus and got his friend from college to come down! Stumpy! (Stumpy ended up not being Lassiter's really best friend, but that was the first name that popped into his head because he didn't have one. :( )All the guys are there, Woody, Shawn, Gus, Stumpy and Henry. I believe that was the guests there.

Marlowe starts to have second thoughts about the wedding! Let's Juliet know about it. But then the bad guys we saw at the beginning, go track Marlowe down after Lassiter finds one of them! Not good. Lassiter is really not happy about this. But through all that, Marlowe realized that she loved Lassiter and went through with the wedding!

Now comes the wedding, it was cute. The bad guy they had, (I think his name was Herb), ended up being the Justice of the Peace because Lassiter's quit on him in the last second. But before the happy couple could say "I Do", the bad guys show up and have a shoot out! Buzz is there (he was also the stripper at the party and Juliet was shocked, he needed extra money) and catches the bad guys and then they finally get to finish the wedding! 

Now onto the most important part of the episode. The party. Ok, that's not the important part, but that's when it happens. Shawn is dancing and goes to find Juliet and she's cold, so Shawn gives her his jacket and goes to get drinks. She finds something in his jacket (not good) and then questions him about it when he returns. She has finally put two and two together (after all these years) and figured out on her own (I think that's why she was mainly upset) that Shawn is a fake! Finally, the secret is out! I was wondering how long they were gonna carry that out. I think Gus knew what was happening because he hung up on his girlfriend who finally called him. I felt really bad for Shawn, but he kind of walked into that from day one. I think Juliet thinks that everything was a lie, but she doesn't know the part about him really liking her, was true. I wonder how this will all play out? I hope they get back together and we get another wedding episode. :) I did think it was cute when Shawn was thinking on what to say, the images they showed us. Why am I feeling this might be the last season? Because this happened, the Lassiter/Marlowe wedding happened and yeah, just all things you've wanted to happen are happening. But I guess they could take the story line of the truth coming out into another season, if they wanted too.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode:


  1. Name of the song playing on the bus when stumpy comes in ?

    1. No, I'm not sure. I even tried asking, but nobody replied. I'm sorry. :(


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