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Psych "Juliet Wears The Pantsuit" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Juliet is looking for a roommate and Shawn is not happy at all. She finds one, but Shawn scares her off. But Shawn ended up not scaring her off, but she ended up being the murder victim! This can't be good.

Shawn is now looking for his own place and is asking everybody. Even Lassiter! Gus says no. I don't know why, but he does. So, even after Gus told Shawn not to, he rooms with Woody! We find out that Woody is kind of creepy. His "home" that he has was in fact a trailer without waterfront property and he kept having to move it and it even got stolen by some girls he had over!

Juliet finally finds a roommate, Laura. But she turns out to be crazy. She steals Juliet's looks and clothes! Now Juliet is freaked out. But Juliet refuses to have Shawn's help by staying over night at her place because Juliet can take care of herself. But what makes matters worse, is that Laura's car is run off the road! After Lassiter and Juliet were chasing it and another car comes into play, too! But then we find out, the accident was all a stage to make it look like Laura died who's real name is Lanyie. She's been running away from her crazy husband and needed to disappear again and that's why she took Juliet's stuff. It's a good thing Juliet didn't throw away that "fashion" shirt Shawn got her! Since that's all she has left.

Lanyie was looking for a necklace. Not remembering why it was important, but Juliet had it all along and Juliet found it and Lanyie was at the house right when she found it! I was thinking that Lanyie was the killer, but it ended up being the husband who tracked her down (who ended up being the one that came to Juliet's place later that day looking for Laura) and Shawn realizes that something is wrong and goes to Juliet's house, but Juliet can take care of herself and I think Shawn has confirmation now since he watched Juliet kick the guys butt! 

Now Shawn is trying to repair the damage to Juliet's house and she wants a professional to do it. But in the last scene, you can tell that Juliet still has feelings for Shawn! Maybe there's hope for their relationship yet! But glad this show got a story line now. It's more interesting to watch. Not that it wasn't before, but yeah, you know what I mean.

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