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Psych "Right Turn Or Left For Dead" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This episode was really hard to follow, but once I understood what was going on (at the end), I realized that it was a pretty good episode. Well, I still don't fully know what happened throughout the whole show, but I know a little bit. 

Seeing what happened with Shawn after Juliet found out about the secret. He and Gus walk out of the party and Gus says that Shawn can stay at Gus' place that night and Shawn called a cab for himself. Then, I think it rewound and we are back to where he saw Juliet sitting at the table and he picks the shall sitting at the other table to give to Juliet instead and not the jacket and nothing falls apart on him. They are still together, but the stories take two very different turns. One for the better (well, sort of) and one for the worse.

The only way you could tell which flashback they were in, was that the one where Juliet and Shawn were broken up was like a grey color (still in color, just not bright) and the one where they are still together is all bright and happy. That's the only way I could tell. Oh, that and and Lassiter had a dog in the one that Shawn and Juliet were together.

What didn't help with the confusion, is when Shawn woke up from his sleep and was like "What just happened?" at the beginning. That made me even more confused on the whole thing! I think what I got from the plot, is that he was seeing which way would have been better. Like, if he hadn't of given Juliet his jacket if everything would have been ok. But I don't think it would have because everything kind of backfired still. Gus got all allergic from the biscotti, I think Shawn kind of got replaced by the dog and a lot of other stuff happened. The only thing that was good that happened, is that Juliet and Shawn were still together.

But in the real life, Shawn saved a girl who had been beaten up and brought her to the hospital. In the other story, she was already dead. But the whole story between the two was one, Shawn was the psychic and trying to put the story together and the one with Shawn and Juliet broken up, Shawn was off and not doing a good detective work, but still managed to solve the crime. Juliet however, kind of bit his head off every time he had a "vision". Oh, it ended up being the girl that Shawn found at the beginning, she was the bad guy. She was kind of insane and he got attacked by her after he and Gus found her and Juliet and Lassiter came to his rescue!

The good and bad story line kind of happens again at the end. Shawn falls asleep and imagines Juliet coming to see him and everything is good, but Juliet comes in real life and nothing is good and she tells him to move out! I'm sad that they are broken up, but they kind of needed to add some sort of story line to the show. 

So, see how hard it was kind of to follow tonight? It was interesting, but I'm still not quite sure all that happened. I think when Shawn was sleeping, he was dreaming of it being happy, but in reality, it wasn't. 

Did you love or hate tonight's episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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