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Castle "Watershed" (Season Finale) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Next up on season finales for me was, Castle. Compared to some of the other cliffhangers, this wasn't as exciting, but it was still something I wasn't expecting to happen. 

Remember that job offer Kate got? Well, I guess she decided to go to Washington DC to do an interview with the guy. Nobody knows about it, but Esposito and Ryan start to notice something is off and they start to ask questions. 

The case: A lady is found dead in a water tank in a hotel. Her name was Erika and according to everything they found on her, she was an honor student and didn't look the way she was when they found her. She did major work to herself to change her appearance, why? They don't know, so that's why they investigate. 

The Captain noticed Kate's absence from work that morning (or she got a call, can't remember) about the interview and Kate had to tell her about the job. The Captain was actually impressed and thought that Kate should take the job. And she gave the person who called, her highest recommendation for Kate. Kate is still not sure if she wants the job and says it's not final, but the captain thought it was.

Castle found out about Kate's job offer, but not in a good way. He was over at Kate's place and saw a boarding ticket in her jacket and asked her about it and so she told him what happened. He basically blew up at her for not including him in the plan and talked to his mom about it when he got home. His mom understood what Kate was doing and Castle did not like hearing that. His mom thinks their relationship isn't real or something like that.

So, with the case, Erika was looking into her friends car "accident", which turned out to not be an accident and the real bad guy ended up being Colin, I believe. I can't remember why, but he was. The accident ended up not being an accident, either.

Kate got the job! And she decides to do it after she talked to her dad about it! :( So now, comes the sad part. Ending her last case and telling Castle about it. Which she decides to tell first, which is a good thing. They meet up at the park and before Kate really says much at all, Castle proposes! That's how it ends! We don't know what her answer is until the season premiere. She looked shocked when he proposed. I'm not sure what her response will be to the question just because of the look on her face when he asked. Just how she looked, looked like she wasn't ready for it. Or maybe she was just shocked. 

Did you love or hate the season finale? Let me know in the comments below!

Yes/No on renewal?: Yes, it did get renewed and will be back in the fall!