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Fast and Furious 6 (Movie Review)

These movies keep getting better and better! I'm not sure if this is my favorite, but it is pretty close! So many action scenes, it was so intense!

Movie has original cast, plus Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs and Michelle Rodriquez as Letty.

The gang has been split up since their last job in Rio. But it's by choice. I think the only people that are together, are Dom, Brian and Mia, which makes sense.

But now they have to all come together again when Luke asks them to help him with a job. Dom asks for full pardons so everybody can return home again.

I've gotta say that the action scenes get more impressive with each movie! And I believe all of the stunts were real. Like not done with green screen, which made it even more exciting! The best part? Well, besides having Dwayne Johnson and Paul Walker in the same movie, is that it wasn't 3D! Nothing bad against 3D, I just don't like it.

I don't want to give away too much, but they do throw in a race car scene. I mean, how could they not? That's what the movies are known for.

There was some hilarity to the movie, too. Which was nice because of how intense the action scenes are, it was just nice to have some funny added in there to lighten the mood. Tyrese and Ludicrous were the comic relief of the movie.

I don't think I'm giving away too much when I say that I felt like Brain wasn't in it as much as he normally was or maybe that was just me.

So, if you love the movie franchise, I'm sure you'll love the newest installment. But it's highly recommended that you watch the other 5 (well, you can skip #3) before because all of the movies set up to this. Oh, and stay after the credits! There's a scene that sets up #7 (and yes, they are making #7!) and they also show who the bad guy is! But I won't say who it is!

5/5 stars (highly recommended)

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