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Hawaii Five-0 "Aloha, Malama Pono (Farewell and Take Care)" (Season Finale) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I was really nervous (probably along with all the other fans of the show) to watch this episode because last week, they said that the team of 4 will become 3 and I automatically think of somebody dying. You never know on this show, either. But I'll save that for the end.

Kono is being blamed for the murder of the informant that was killed with her gun and so she's on the run and is trying to prove her innocence at the same time. Which is tricky. Steve is able to buy her some time, though and has to bring the real criminal in. 

Then there's a random plane that went down and all the guys on the plane are dead and the killer is lose in the town. 

Could there be trouble for Catherine and Steve? Because Catherine is back on her job and runs into an old friend, Billy Harrington and to me, with the look they gave each other and with the look Catherine gave him when he was leaving, definitely told you that they had history between them and it almost looked like Catherine wasn't the one who wanted to end it. But she told him about Steve right away. It could be nothing, but I doubt it. That's the only time we see Billy, but I'm thinking we will see him more in the next season. I hope nothing goes wrong with Steve and Catherine.

Kono goes to Adam for help on the run and tells him right off the bat about Michael being the one who framed Kono and I think he believes her, but doesn't at the same time. So, he said that he knows of a place where there is possible evidence. They go there, she finds it, but Michael goes there, too! Kono has to hide and Adam has to make up some excuse as to why he is there. Not sure how Kono escaped, but she did, with evidence proving Kono didn't kill the informant! She brings it to Charlie, who isn't happy to do this, but does it anyways and it does prove that Kono didn't kill the guy! But bad news for Charlie. Because Michael some how knew to go to Charlie and took the evidence and stabbed Charlie! One of the cliffhangers is that we don't know how Charlie is. He's in the hospital, though, but in surgery.

Rafael was the guy on the plane, I believe. But he ended up not being the bad guy. He was going to protect his son, but he was too late. So, Steve and Danny find him and Danny is probably thinking about when Grace was kidnapped and gets a little hot-headed I guess is the right term, at Rafael. Before they find out that Rafael didn't take his son, though. But he knows who has him and tells Steve where the meeting is. They go to the meeting, get the son back, but Rafael gets shot and has to go to the hospital. Before he dies, he tells Steve who the target is. It was somewhere in Los Angeles (but right before Rafael died, he told Steve where exactly in Los Angeles), but we didn't know what it was. But I don't think they tell us what the target is. I think that's one of the other cliffhangers. There was a lot going on all of the sudden. 

Michael almost kills Kono! But Adam saves her! Actually starting to like Adam a little bit, but there's a bigger part of me that still doesn't fully trust him. So, now he's leaving because the bad guys Michael was working with will want revenge (Adam killed his brother in a struggle with the gun - saving Kono). Kono decides to go with Adam! Thank goodness no one died! Well, besides Michael and we don't know about Charlie. But I was thinking somebody on the Five-0 team was gonna die and was thinking it was gonna be Kono. I have a feeling that Kono will be back. Guess who's going with them to protect them? Doris! Still don't trust her. Especially since she's still lying to Steve about why she saw Wo Fat in prison. She was about to tell him why, but Danny interrupted them. Why do I have a funny feeling that I think Wo Fat is related to Steve somehow? Just how Doris was acting when she was about to tell the truth, made me think of that and I know that's what the rumor around the Facebook page is saying right now, too. I'm not sure how they could be related, but I'm thinking it might be that. Would explain why Doris didn't kill him when she had the chance.

Was almost thinking there wasn't gonna be a cliffhanger. Because we see Chin calling Leilani, Gabby returning home to Danny and now here's the cliffhanger, which they waited to leave for the last second when you think everything is fine, which is a good place to put a cliffhanger. When you aren't expecting one. Steve is super mad when he goes to see Wo Fat again. Why? Because Steve's demanding to know why Doris visited Wo Fat a few days before Steve did. Wo Fat told Steve that he knows why, but won't tell him unless Steve helps him escape prison! Yeah, right! But something bad happens. I think Wo Fat knew Steve wouldn't just break him out of prison, so he called guys or something to help Steve force him to break out of prison and if he doesn't, they will both die! So, now Steve is trapped in with a criminal and bad guys (don't know how many, we didn't actually see that part) coming after Wo Fat. That's how it ended!

Did you love or hate the season finale? Let me know in the comments below!

Yes/No for renewal?: Yes, it did get renewed and will be back in the fall!