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Hawaii Five-0 "He Welo 'Oihana (Family Business)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The part where Steve helps his mom felt very Mission Impossible to me. Anybody else feel like that? Not that that's a bad thing, though (for me anyways) because I love Mission Impossible!

Doris is still in search for the microfiche and Kono is getting into deep with the stuff involving Adam.

Also, the case is a search guard for a site of some sort was shot while looking for trespassers. The search guard actually stumbled upon a burial ground for the same people who are working with Adam.

Was Danny waiting for his girlfriend to come back home or his wife? I was confused. But whoever it was, couldn't make it and Grace could tell he was sad. But that was funny that Danny had all those gifts to give her and Grace told him that he looked kind of stupid, so he just randomly gave them out!

If I remember correctly, Steve learns from Catherine what his mom is into because she got caught hacking into the FBI! So, Steve goes to see his mom right away and he's not beating around the bush, just out right asks her. Which I guess is good with Doris because I don't trust her. Not really sure why, but I don't. That's when we learn that she has found out who has it and Mick and someone else is helping her search for it! Steve was shocked at that.

This is the part where it turned into Mission Impossible for me. When Doris was telling Steve the plan to break into the building to get the microfiche back. Steve insists on going with Doris, even though she doesn't want her son involved in it. 

Adam's back! What he told Kono (not sure if it's the truth) is that something happened and he had to leave suddenly. Kono asking about the burial ground and he doesn't know anything about it, but I think he does. Kono had his phone cloned so when she left, somebody called Adam and she listened in on the call and went to the place early where Adam was supposed to meet somebody. She went alone, which wasn't good at all. I don't know why she did that. But she went in, too, and the bad guys found her and shot her, after she shot him, of course! But don't worry, somehow Steve finds the place and the team get to her in time. 

Also, while Kono is in the hospital, Adam comes and sees her. She has to leave her room for some sort of test and somebody calls Adam's phone, but that's when he learns that Kono duplicated his phone! What's even worse is that I think right before the nurse came in, is that she was gonna tell Adam about it! But now I think Adam thinks Kono is looking into him with the wrong idea. Like as a cop, but I think she's doing it as a friend. He just doesn't know that now. Well, that's my opinion, I could be wrong, though.

Now it's time for the heist to happen. It all goes off fine, until the very end. When an alarm gets triggered, I believe. Craig shows up (the bad guy that stole it in the first place) and catches Doris before she had a chance to leave and Steve had already left, but then Craig calls Steve on the walkie and says that he has Doris and wants the microfiche back or Doris dies. Steve being Steve, has to go back to save his mom and he does and instead of giving the microfiche back, he "burns" it! But he didn't actually burn it, he switched it out with something. Pretty impressed with that. Doris was, too. They both get out safe.

Now we find some bad news. Max shows up to tell Steve that the bullet that was from the one body they found, was from Kono's gun! Remember when she met Michael and then it looked like he had taken her gun? Well, I think he actually took the gun and did some shooting with it to frame her. I'm hoping that Steve knows something is fishy about this and can clear her name.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the season finale (which airs tonight, kind of nervous to watch it, though):