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NCIS "Damned If You Do" (Season Finale) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

One of my favorite season finales! But seemed like there was a lot happening at the end that I still don't fully understand what happened.

Gibbs having a strange dream. I knew it had to be a dream right when Mike showed up in the dream. But have no clue what the dream meant. He has a few of those weird dreams throughout the episode and I think they bug him.

Richard has either arrested Gibbs or took him in for questioning. I don't think Gibbs knows what he's being questioned for, though. I find all of this very odd.

His team does not take it well at all. Especially Abby. I loved her game that she created with shooting Richard! It was hilarious!

They find out that the NCIS department has been bugged! Why? I don't think that was cleared up. But they have those meetings in the elevator to talk about finding the bugs and even Vance is in the meeting, too! I find it all very strange what's going on. I think somebody said that Richard or someone higher up (can't remember) wants to bring down the NCIS team? Is that correct?

I think we figure out what Gibbs has been making this whole season. At least I knew it wasn't a boat, just because of how he was building it. It turned out to be a cabin that he put in the middle of no where that nobody knows about! Well, except for his team now. They eventually find it, though it's really hard to find. Which is a good thing. They do hear a random helicopter while they are there and I thought that was odd. And I think that made them nervous. 

Ziva is having a hard time with all of this happening to Gibbs, too. She kind of blows up at everybody, though, I don't think she meant to. Tony and Ziva have a little heart to heart. I thought it was cute when Ziva didn't know what to call their relationship. When she kind of stuttered on "friendship". Another awesome Tony and Ziva moment. Just wish they would give us more then these little moments sometimes. Have they ever even kissed?

Now they get called to a case. During all of this. Nobody is really into, but then they find out that the case has to be involved in what's going on at NCIS, too? I'm really confused now. I wasn't expecting them to be connected and I have no clue why, either.

Gibbs decides to fight back! Good, I was hoping he'd get to that place. Of course, Gibbs always does that. I'd be surprised if he didn't.

So a bunch of stuff happened for the cliffhanger, like all at once, so it was hard to keep up. The whole team quit because of all that's going on. I'm thinking they've gotta have a plan here with this. They can't just all quit. Then we see Gibbs burning some files, Vance destroying the file on Gibbs that proves that he shot the drug dealer and then Vance and Tom and the lawyer show up at Richard's work saying they postponed the investigation! Richard is not happy about this at all. 

Now we jump 4 months later. Not really sure why. This is new for them to do this. Normally this kind of jump happens in the season premiere. But it's almost like they gave us a little taste of what the season premiere is gonna be. All we see is Gibbs somewhere (I first thought it was Vance's office, but I don't think that's where he is) with the navy officer (or Vance, it was hard to tell) and whoever it was was shot and telling Gibbs to shoot someone! There's a gun set up and everything and guess who it looks like he's gonna shoot? His friend in the FBI! I'm really hoping they fill us in, in those 4 months after period or start like a day before or whatever to fill us in on what happened and how they got to that part of the story. That's how it ended. We have no clue how Gibbs got to where he was, where the team is, etc. 

Did you love or hate the season finale? Let me know in the comments below!

Yes/No on renewal?: Yes, this one was like one of the first ones to get renewed and will be back in the fall!