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NCIS "Revenge" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I am so sorry it has taken me almost a week to update my blog! Picked up some shifts this week at work, so I got a little busy. Still haven't watched some of my shows, but I thought I'd start out with updating with the show I was most wanting to see all week!

So, they start off kind of where we left off from last week. But they back it up and let us see the horrible accident again. Tony is still unconscious, but we see Ziva coming too while a man (turns out to be Bodnar) gets out of a car, looks at Ziva and another car pulls up and he gets out and drives away.

Next, we see Gibbs and Vance at the hospital. Wondering how they are. All Tony got was a broken nose or just a scraped nose (was that ever confirmed on what he had?) and Ziva had a hurt arm. Was it just me or did anybody else think that they should have been more hurt then that? Especially the Bodnar! He just got up and walked away and he looked like he was fine. What's up with that? I was thinking for one to at least have a broken leg or stay in the hospital for like a day or so. But I expected Abby to act like she did when Tony and Ziva got back to work. They can't work in the field until the doctor gives the ok. But Ziva disobeys doctors orders and takes her arm out of the sling.

I think Jimmy needs to work on better timing with his jokes or something because every time he tries to say one, it's always in bad timing and gets a scold from Gibbs. At least, that's what I get from it. But I love Jimmy, so yeah. :)

Remember the Musad agent that was a supposed "case"? Well, he was at the bad guys house! How's that possible?

So, after all this, they finally find Bodnar who is on a ship trying to get out of town. Ziva goes there (not waiting for anybody else, why? I have no clue) and creates a distraction and finds Bodnar. They do a chase scene and then a major fight scene that I wasn't sure if Ziva was gonna get out of it alive, but she does and ends up killing Bodnar! Yay! I loved how the team looked at her when they finally got there. Because they were just like "what just happened?" kind of faces. But I have a huge feeling that the thing with Bodnar isn't over. Either he wasn't the killer or something because I just have a feeling that something major is gonna happen in the cliffhanger, since they like to do that sort of thing. So, in a way, it makes me nervous whenever the season finale is to see what the cliffhanger is. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode:


  1. Bodnar walked away from the accident because he added an extra harness to the drivers seat to keep him from being flung forward, and he removed the airbag-- the car was rigged so he would survive. Abby points this out when she goes over the car.

    1. Thanks for clearing that up! Must not have been paying attention to that part.


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