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Once Upon A Time "The Evil Queen" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Starts off from where the other one left off. We see Greg and Tamara offering Hook a job. He doesn't know that Mr. Gold is still alive, until this point when Greg and Tamara tell him. They think that Hook will know where Greg's dad is because he knows Regina.

Another Regina story for the fairy tale world. Still on the hunt to kill Snow White. She wants to learn how to shape shift from Rumplestilskin to trick the town people into giving up Snow White's place. But her plan really backfires. Rumplestilskin did warn her that what she would hear about herself from the town people would not make her happy, but she didn't exactly listen. She got into trouble because she started defending the queen and then she started saying she was the queen! So, she got arrested and Rumplestilskin didn't come like he said he would when you called him, but Snow White did! That was an interesting twist, huh? Now Snow White helped Regina out (not knowing it was Regina, of course) and Regina was shocked that she would help a complete stranger. Snow White told her of the story about when Regina saved her on the horse. But because Regina knew what she was talking about, Snow White later figured out who she was helping. Right after she said that Regina could go good again! And right after Snow White found all those people dead because they protected Snow White. But I think Regina started to like Snow White a little bit when they were together.

Was it just me or did Henry seem nervous when Regina visited him? She told him the plan! He didn't like it at all. I wouldn't blame him. Seeing as everybody he cares about would be dead. Regina saying she is trying to change, but does the exact opposite of what Henry would want. She erases his memory of their conversation!

But Henry does learn about the beans. This time from Emma because he overhears Emma and Mary talking about them. He's all on board! I think Emma was shocked. And he's also with Emma thinking that Tamara is bad. So now, their Operation Cobra (they name it something different, praying mantis, I think) is back on. Too cute seeing them work together again. Especially since he loves the stake out!

Now Hook is being forced to help Regina find the trigger. But to his surprise, he's the distraction! I'm not entirely sure on what was guarding Regina's trigger because it looked really odd and scary. Somehow Hook managed to get out and Regina was surprised to see him. But Hook actually tricked Regina into getting the trigger because he is working for Greg and Tamara!

Emma some how put two and two together and figured out (finally) that Tamara is the "she" August was referring to. She's right, but Emma has a hard time finding clues about it. Neal knew she was there in the apartment, though because of the secret code she showed Henry to let her know when somebody was coming was what Neal actually showed her! Neal, actually isn't mad, though, I was surprised. But like I said, she doesn't find anything, yet.

Also, David and Mary find out what happened to the bean field. That it got destroyed.

Remember the cuff Hook gave Regina? Well, it was rigged so she can't use her magic to defend herself against Greg, Tamara and Hook! And they kidnap her!

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