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Psych "No Trout About It" (Season Finale) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

My last season finale of the season. This show went by so fast! It had everything in the season finale that I love. The goofy part of the show and a little bit of action.

Guess it is true that Shawn and Juliet are back together. Am I the only one disappointed that we didn't get an official "make up" episode? I thought they would give us one, not just randomly put it in at the end of an episode and Gus is back on the market? What's with that!? Almost seems like they have rushed some of the story lines and confuse me in the process.

We see Henry doing another one of his odd activities. Well, this one isn't as strange as bird watching. Like I've said before, I think Henry doesn't know what to do now that he's retired. Henry isn't thrilled that Shawn's case gets wrapped up with Henry at the race.

The police department is under major watch at the moment and so they are sent a consultant to keep them on track! Don't like him the minute he steps into the room. Though it doesn't help that he says they are all fired unless he gives them a good reason why they messed up the race that afternoon. So, they relive the case.

Case: Leo comes to Shawn and Gus saying that he's been poisoned and wants them to find his murder. Shawn and Gus don't believe him at first, so they bring him to the hospital to make sure. Gus was too funny thinking he'd get the poison by touching the man so he never did! Leo is very upset when he remembers that he can't pick up his wife at the airport. So, Shawn and Gus go and do it for him. They are a little shocked at how she looks and Shawn figures out that she never went out of town in the first place.

Rita (the wife) ends up dead. They learn that there's a guy named Chuck who is also involved in this. Also, some bank deposit box filled with diamonds had a big part to do with it. Actually, I believe it was the whole reason why all of this happened. I wasn't expecting it to be Leo who was the true bad guy in the first place. He faked his own death (was never poisoned) to get away with the diamonds! But before they could catch him, Trout (the consultant) really does suspend them. However, they disobey the rules and go after the guy before he gets away. Which was good, seeing as he was at the airport. Leo was the true bad guy. Killed his wife and Chuck all to have the diamonds to himself.

So, the team ends up not get suspended, but guess who does? The chief! She gets a 6 month suspension. Not sure if that means she can come back or will come back for that matter. She actually seemed kind of happy, too because she was able to go spend time with her daughter! But the team wasn't happy about that at all. Especially when they learn that Trout is taking her place and making a bunch of changes! He fires McNab because he found out he was secretly a stripper. And demotes Lassiter and fires Shawn (no more psychics, he said)! That's how it ended.

Side note: What was up with the snowcones? It was funny, though. Shawn "Stopped off for a little breakfast" = snowcone.

Don't worry, though! It's been renewed for season 8. I'm think it'll be the last season. Very few episodes for season 8. And you know the best news of all? There's gonna be a Psych Musical! How awesome is that gonna be? I'm oddly excited about it!