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Psych "Santa Barbarian Candidate" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Nobody believes Shawn when the Mayor is murdered (they all think it's an accidental death), so Shawn runs for Mayor himself to prove them wrong!

So, the police are getting recognized for their great work on keeping down the crime in the city and what's up with Shawn getting up there and making a speech even though they didn't ask for one? I guess that's Shawn being Shawn.

The Mayor doesn't know that Shawn and Juliet are not a couple anymore and so the Mayor invites them over to his house that weekend for dinner. Shawn ends up asking Juliet anyways, even though I think he knows what the answer will be and takes Gus instead. They are driving up there and a body is being pulled out of the house! The Mayor was found dead on the beach!

In comes a new Mayor. His name is Tom. Like I said above, Shawn runs for Mayor! This is to the point now that he does it. All to get to the truth of the "accidental" death of the old mayor. I thought it was funny that at Shawn's announcement speech that nobody was there except for Gus and a homeless lady! That can't be good. Shawn's first TV appearance doesn't go well, either.  After that, Gus says that he's the only one voting for Shawn! I think he's right. But then Jason wants to work with Shawn because he thinks he can win this thing! He does really well, too. They have to go to a party and Shawn needs a date and guess who he gets? Juliet! I'm surprised she said yes, but it was actually only because of the case. Nothing more. They dance! Shawn and Juliet do! Trying to talk about their relationship again and she walks off leaving him!  All she wants Shawn to do, is tell the chief the truth, but he can't because everything he's worked for will have been for a lie. Shawn thought for a long time (and I did, too) that it was Tom, but he cleared his name.

So, I think it ended up being Jason who was the killer, right? I actually can't really remember. I'm pretty sure it was him.

Shawn does a very brave thing! He "tells" the chief the truth! But Juliet realizes what's gonna happen and she stops him from doing it! Thank goodness! She's impressed that Shawn would do that for them, but she's not ready to get back together. So sad. :(

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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