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The Mentalist "Red John Rule's" (Season Finale) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

It's that time of year again, season finale time. I love/hate this time of year for my favorite TV shows. I hate that we have to wait like at least 3 months (sometimes longer) for the show to come back after a major cliffhanger. But I also love this time of year because season finales tend to be my favorite episodes. Not all the time, but most of the time, they are.

So, the season finale season started off with The Mentalist for me. Not the best for cliffhangers like they normally have been, but it wasn't bad because we found out 7 suspects that Patrick thinks is Red John. But he's refusing to tell anybody. Especially Theresa because he's afraid that she won't act the same around the people on the list because some of them, she knows personally.

There's another Red John case and this time it's a really personal one for Patrick. Not that they haven't been, but this one is more so. Because it was a really happy memory that he had of this person and nobody knew about it and so how Red John knew about it when nobody else did, I have no clue. But Red John has his ways, which are kind of creepy if you ask me. I think Patrick is really wondering how Red John had figured out this one. It's not obvious to Patrick right away. All he says is that the victim looked really familiar.

Some people actually thought that this was a copy cat case of Red John and how Patrick knew it was real is beyond me. 

So, it ends up being the social worker lady. She ended up working for Red John and he told her to do this because it would hit close to home for Patrick. The lady ends up killing herself on the way to the police station, like they all normally do. 

Theresa is still bugging Patrick about the list of names, which she finally learns about at the end. But not really from Patrick. She goes up to see him in his room above the CBI and he had gotten a disc (I forgot how he got it or did we even know that?) and it was from before Loreli died. Telling him that by the time he watched it, he would know 7 suspects and now Red John knows, too, who Patrick thinks is Red John. The suspects are:

1. Brit Stiles
2. Gale Bertram
3. Robert Kirkland
4. Sheriff Mcallister
5. Brett Partridge
6. Ray Haffner
7. Reede Smith

The first 3 were on my list as well, but I've forgotten who the last 4 were. They must have been people throughout the series and it's been a while since I watched from the beginning. We know that Bertram and Robert are working together on something. Because of that meeting in Bertram's office after Bertram talked to Patrick about something in that one episode this season. Theresa had a cow when she found out that Bertram was on the list.

That's how the season ended. With Red John talking through Loreli on the DVD and telling Patrick that Red John is gonna kill more often now that Patrick is closing in on the list. Saying that Patrick will never catch Red John. But I highly doubt that. Don't worry, this show got renewed for a new season. Though, I am surprised that it did. I'm thinking this might be the last one, though. I mean, they can't really carry the Red John case much longer. It'd be nice to have a closer on that story line for all the viewers that have stayed with the show for however many years. 

Oh, was it this episode or the past one that somebody told Theresa (with Patrick there - they were predicting something, one of Patrick's old friends) that Theresa was in love with Patrick! Well, let me just say, I wasn't surprised. But I was surprised that nobody replied and Patrick changed the subject. 

Did you love or hate the season finale? Let me know in the comments below!

Yes/No For Renewal?: Yes, it did get renewed and will be back for a new season in the fall! :)