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Burn Notice "Forget Me Not" (100th Episode) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Finally, Michael is reunited with his friends, much to his boss's disliking, though. The only way the plan would work is if Michael takes the lead and risks his cover in the process.

Madeline is all worried about if she blew her sons cover and is desperate search of trying to figure out how to know if her son is alright. Even after everybody disagreeing with her, she goes to the CIA after all and tries to get to the bottom of where her son might be. But her paranoia is working overtime (or so we think) and she keeps thinking that people are watching her or being followed. Maybe she wasn't so crazy after all, though, because once she steps in the elevator, somebody gets a hold of the elevator and takes her to the roof! She's about ready to shoot the person once the doors open, but we are all relived to find out it was Michael! He is only allowed to see his Mom while he's in town because she's been trying to figure out if he's ok. She's not happy at all about his being undercover, though. I don't blame her. It makes for an interesting story line, but I miss him with his friends and doing stuff like he used to.

How weird it must be for Michael when he is having to spy on his friends and make sure they don't get too close to finding him and to figure out what they learn in the process. What's worse is when Michael sees Fiona with her new boyfriend (don't like him at all - but it doesn't help that we don't know him, either). But this is when we get a flashback of when they first met (Michael and Fiona)! Never had a flashback of that before let alone one of Fiona. Nice to learn a little bit about herself. What a cute flashback it was, though. Kind of followed some stuff that was happening in the present time.

I can't remember who's house they were at when Fiona gets kidnapped! Now I'm sorry, but I don't remember who the guy was that kidnapped her. Were we supposed to know him? Was he the mystery man that they were tracking? That would make sense since he's like a master of disguise. Michael is not at all happy when he learns that Fiona is taken and what's worse is that the bad guy will only exchange Fiona out for Michael! The bad guy is thinking that Fiona knows how to contact Michael, but she doesn't. Sorry, it's been a while since I've seen this episode, so I can't remember how the plan went down. But I think Michael somehow gets a hold of that info and escapes from his boss in order to try and fix it and then tells his boss (later) that the only way the plan will work is if Michael gets to work with his friends and do it his way.

At one of the meet points for somebody, Sam, Fiona and Fionas boyfriend (I think Jesse was there, not sure) get into a major shoot out and if it wasn't for Michael, they would have all been dead. Now was it just me or did it look like Fiona knew that Michael was there and that he had taken the shot? Just the look on her face when she looked behind her, I felt like she knew it was him.

After the whole plan with killing the bad guy works and getting Fiona out alive (all because Michael got to talk to her and give her a safe word), the whole team meet for the first time after it all went down in the season finale. Fiona won't even give Michael the time of day at first. Sam is mad, but they are talking it through. I think they are eventually fine about all that went down. Fiona finally does talk to Michael, but then just gives him a little kiss on the lips. If you remember from one of the flashbacks earlier, Michael saw Fiona do that to someone and he said the kiss meant that the relationship was over. I so hope that that isn't the case in this relationship! I'm sure it won't be. I have a feeling that Fiona still loves Michael, but she won't admit it to herself. Not until all of this business is done. I'm sorry, but if Michael and Fiona do not end up together in the last episode, that would not be a fun way to end the show.

Did you love or hate the 100th episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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