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Graceland "Heat Run" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Now we know why Paul put a gun to Mike's head. Because they were being watched. I'm still not fully sure of all that went down in that scene. It was kind of hard to keep up. But I think Paul was trying to make it look like Mike was the bad guy and stuff. But I'm not positive. Just glad that Paul himself didn't do it. I mean, Paul did it, but it wasn't because of what we thought. At first, I thought when Paul said "Who were you calling?" I thought he saw Mike call Juan. I'm sure that's what Mike was thinking, too. But it was all a trap for the bad guys and Mike thought on his feet again and got them out of the situation. Though, I think Mike thought Paul was gonna hurt him for real.

Donnie gets transferred to Miami. Lauren is not happy about this at all. Now I'm sure she's not gonna like Mike. But I guess this means that Mike can unpack now, huh?

But we find out in this episode that the bad guys are still after Donnie. Lauren has a plan to catch the guy that she's been undercover with in the Russian mafia. But it backfires. Paul said that she's done with the Russians, but goes against his orders and goes back to the guy after one of them already saw her as an agent. Later, she shows up all beaten up and Paul is so mad! That when they finally do catch the guy, he almost beats him up, but then realizes that Lauren did it to herself to catch the guy! 

The guys are helping Mike come up with a good cover story so he can date without getting into trouble. It's kind of a cute scene. Finally, Paige (I think - sorry still trying to get the names down) helps Mike out by going up to a girl and talking to her for him and it ends up working! Her name is Abby and I kind of like her. Mike couldn't believe though, that Paige walked up to the girl and talked to her. I think he was embarrassed about that.

Lauren is gone out of Graceland because the bad guys were tracking her! But then we find out, it wasn't the bad guys after all, but Paul who set her up to get her kicked out of Graceland! Mike figures that out. Because of the credit card that he researched. I'm not sure how I feel about Paul doing that. He said it was because Lauren disobeyed him, but why go that far into kicking her out? Could this be why he is getting investigated?

Oh, I thought it was so sweet what Charlie was doing for her CI, but he didn't follow through. I felt bad for her. Charlie is slowly becoming my favorite (next to Mike, of course).

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode: