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Graceland "Pilot" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Ever since I saw the preview for this show, I've wanted to see it and so happy when it finally aired. I know, I'm a couple weeks late on finally watching the first episode, but I did and I am already hooked! I was hooked the first 5 minutes into it.

So, there is this house in Southern California called "Graceland" (yes, it was kind of named after Elvis - I think the owner was obsessed with him) and it's where different agents from different agencies all come to live together and work on the same assignment, etc.

Mike is the new comer. He is replacing Donnie who got shot while on assignment. I fell in love with Mike the minute we saw him. He's just one of those really likable characters and I'm glad they have someone on like that on the show. Another character I loved instantly was Johnny. The guy that ends up picking Mike up at the airport. Not everybody is all welcoming of Mike when he first gets there. It takes about half of the episode for them to know that he'll be a good agent and fit in.

Donnie was Lauren's partner, so she's having a real hard time with the adjustment and wants revenge on who shot her partner. Oh, Donnie is fine, though. He's just in a safe house somewhere, healing.

Lauren gets info on somebody who might be connected with Donnie's shooter and they send Mike in. Mike is nervous, but he pulls it off really well. But then the trouble happens. Mike's team comes in to arrest them (him, too) and when they are at the station, Felix (the guy that is supposedly connected to Donnie's shooting) sees Mike and so Mike's cover is blown. Somebody visits Felix in jail and whoever it is, he is very nervous about him coming. They took his family until they can get this all taken care of. But Felix decides to not rat out Mike and says what Mike told him, that he was Paul's (in this case Felix's) brother-in-law. That's another thing I liked about Mike. He picked up on stuff very fast and was able to use that in his predicaments. 

So, now Mike has to go undercover as Felix's brother-in-law. He is really nervous about it again, but pulls it off very nicely. This is where I got really impressed with his skills. Where you thought the case was blown, he turned it around. But because of that happening, they aren't telling Mike who he needs to kill and that's all he needed to get. Was a name, so that he could go back to his team and they could figure it out. He had to do it right then and there. But guess who his target was? It was Donnie! They sent him in there to finish the job. But Mike thought on his feet again and decided to tell Donnie the truth and that's when they figured out who was whom and Mike was able to "pull it off" (sort of speak). But now something kind of odd happens. Mike goes out to the bad guys to tell them that it's done, but they want him to get back in the car? Why? Paul gets there just in time. However, he doesn't see the gun that the bad guy had (but he knew he had one) and shot him anyways, but Mike and Paul both lie to the head agent people. That's not a good sign.

Now when you think there's not gonna be a story line to the show, they throw it in there at the last possible second. Mike gets a call from Agent Campbell (the guy that was talking to them at the beginning) and says that Mike's assignment is to investigate Paul! Why is he being investigated? Weird, right? 

Before I knew it, I was starting to like everybody on the team. My favorites right now are Mike, Johnny and Charlie (I believe that's her name). Sorry if I get names mixed up. Takes me a while on a new show to get everybody's names down. The girl that was doing Mike's make-up for his undercover story is the one I like and I sense that there could be a future romance between them or was that just me?

It's very unusual for me to love a show in the first episode, but this one is one of those times that I did. Maybe it's because the writer is awesome. He's also the writer of White Collar. This is one I'll be watching for a long time (well, for however long the series lasts, that is!).

Did you love or hate the new series? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode (remember, I'm a couple behind):