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Pretty Little Liars "A Is For A-L-I-V-E" (Season Premiere) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Yay, my favorite show is back! It was an awesome episode to start off with. It started off where the season finale ended. Them opening the trunk. I was totally expecting it to be a human body in the trunk, not a pig! That was totally random and gross. What's the significances of the pig? Or is it just a pig? I thought that was odd that we didn't really get an answer for that. 

The girls, including Mona, go back to Spencer's house and Mona tells them everything that -A had her do or who did other stuff. I can't remember all the stuff that she confirmed who did what.

Toby is ok! Thank goodness. But he is wandering around in the woods. He finds the cabin and I think he's wondering why he has a lighter. Oh, he also see the firefighter that's clearing stuff away, pick up a red coat. Toby and Spencer later go and look for it, but it's already gone. Who didn't see that coming? I don't know why he didn't wait until the firefighter left or something. But somebody was watching Toby and Spencer while they were inside the burned cabin. I was half expecting something to come crashing down on one of them. Especially since they found out they weren't alone.

Queen of Hearts was: Wilden and Melissa! Though the video the girls were watching with Mona cut out before it proved that Melissa was the other Queen of Hearts. Not surprised at all that Melissa is the Queen of Hearts, but I was that Wilden was one of them.

At first, I liked Allison's mom. She was really sweet, but after that weird look she gave Spencer through their windows, I have a different opinion for her now. I'm not sure if she's bad, but I don't know if she's good, either. But man, how creepy was that look Spencer got from her when she saw Allison's mom looking through the window? I almost half expected her to see Allison because I got a total flashback of the first season when you think you see Allison walk by the window.

The girls decide to move the liar. Mainly because they found four little girls playing with dolls that looked exactly like Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna and the girls told her that their friend, Allison was the one who gave them to them. Another creepy thing! At first, during that scene, I was a little afraid to watch because I wasn't sure if the laughing was real or if it was gonna be something creepy!

I think Hanna (well, all the girls, but mainly Hanna) is having the hardest time trying to figure out if Mona is to be trusted or not. I don't blame her one bit. I still don't know if she's to be trusted or not, either. Because wasn't this her plan before?

Ok, they've gotta stop confusing me with the whole Ezra/Aria relationship! Was it just me or did it seem like maybe they hadn't decided that they were broken up, yet? I thought that's what happened in the season finale. But now I think it's official because after Aria almost getting caught by the principal (and having that horrible vision - I personally thought it was real, but glad it wasn't!), she tells Ezra that she wants to see other people. But man, when Aria tells Ezra that, Ezra completely tunes her out! At the funeral for Wilden (oh, forgot to say that Wilden is dead, they didn't find the pig in the car the next day, I think they found Wilden), Ezra didn't even look at her!

New guy with Jenna. Who is it? And what was up with that creepy message that she gave Emily? Why doesn't Jenna think she'll be around much longer? 

And who's the veiled girl we see at the funeral? Why do I have a funny feeling it might be Melissa? Or I guess it could be Allison. There's also a new officer in town. He agrees with the girls that Wilden's tactics weren't great and that he'd handle stuff differently. Again, new character, so I'm not sure how I feel about him, yet.

Didn't get the last second of the show because Twisted started recording. So, not sure where -A was and what they were doing in the liar. Oh, that was moved by Toby because -A supposedly knows what happened to his mom. Toby supposedly liked Allison? 

Wow, sorry if this is long, but there was a lot that happened!

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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