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Pretty Little Liars "Turn Of The Shoe" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Well, there are some mysteries solved in this one, but more added to the pile. One big question was solved: What happened to Hanna's mom? Well, nothing, actually. She came back in this episode, but is acting very suspicious. We get even more suspicious of her mom when Hanna finds her mom's favorite pair of shoes hidden under the sink all muddy and Ashley was trying to clean them herself with a toothbrush!? Why would they be muddy, was Ashley really in New York the whole time or did she have something to do with Wilden's death?

Mona almost got killed by -A! I can't remember what they were looking for at the beginning, but Mona went to get in her car and almost got strangled to death! She's fine, but it really freaks out the girls and so I believe that's why Aria has decided to take karate lessons. Enter, new possible romance for Aria! Jake is her teacher (not to mention that he's really cute!) and during their first lesson (I think), Aria kisses him! Not really sure why she did that all of the sudden, but Jake wasn't upset and Aria accepted his offer for a date when he came to her house later.

How creepy was that bird? Kind of glad it got stolen. But they did learn a little something before it was taken away. That creepy little song it was singing, wasn't a song, it was a phone number! They call it, but nobody answers and Aria thinks that they had it wrong, so they go back to record the message and the bird is missing! Allison's mom is the one that "gave" (maybe?) Hanna the bird. Because the bird was like Allison's pet and it learned to speak whatever you said. So, they were hoping to find out more about Allison, I'm sure.

Poor Spencer, she learned that she didn't get into the college that she applied to and that her whole family has gone to. Ezra has offered to help Spencer write out essays for college and she accepts it. I'm a little surprised because if it was me, I would have been a little uncomfortable dealing with my friends ex. But that's just me, I guess.

Who else felt so sad for Toby? Glad he finally came clean to Spencer. Told her that he was the one who moved the liar and it's all to find out what happened with his mom. Then to learn that his mom might not have even killed herself! That it was possibly something that -A did! How horrible is that!? I'm sure I'm with everybody else when I say that I'll be happy whenever -A is finally caught! Also, Spencer told Toby about what happened with Mona and stuff and he didn't seem at all surprised. Please tell me he wasn't the one in the car with Mona! :(

Since Emily didn't tell anybody about herself getting hurt after jumping away from that car in the beginning, she takes a bunch of drugs before a swim meet (never a good idea). I knew the minute that happened, that something bad was gonna happen. Just wasn't sure quite what until she was nearing the wall and then I knew what was gonna happen and I was right. She had trouble focusing and hit her head (hard) on the side of the wall! She's fine and finally tells Paige about what's been happening. 

-A is seen with the bird at the end, feeding it. 

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