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Burn Notice "Brothers In Arms" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This girl must be really important to Burke to have to do anything to break her out of a Russian prison. I guess stuff with Michael and the Russians isn't great, so he's nervous in having to do this mission.

Sam and Jesse are involved again. Sam also isn't happy about Michael going in with the Russians and having to convince them that the CIA is about to raid the place.

We never find out who this girl is. Though I'm thinking she was like a wife or somehow related like that to Burke with how he was acting about it.

Fiona and Madeline are also involved, but in Miami. They have to kidnap a guy named Ivan that Jesse knew so it would look like someone from Miami was a leak. Kidnapping goes ok. Guy almost gets away, but Madeline (with Fionas help) was able to get him back. At first, I thought that the whole letter to his girlfriend thing was trick and you could tell that Fiona didn't want to do it, but Madeline decided to really help the guy out at the end. Was able to help both of them escape. Kind of sweet.

Michael is having a really hard time convincing the Russians what's going on so that he can get the girl out. They end up torturing him before they find out that Michael was actually right (sort of). We think the plan is going fine, but then help is coming that Michael didn't plan for. So now Burke has to get personally involved. Going in to see how Michael and the girl are doing and decides to blow the place up so Michael and the girl can get out! Michael says Burke didn't make it, but we never actually see him after the explosion. So, he could still be alive. I wouldn't be surprised if we see him show up later on.

Jesse gets in trouble. At first, I thought he got hurt, like really bad. He was watching the car and the girl while Sam and Michael went to look to see if they can get out. But that's when they learn Jesse got hurt and they run back and find the girl escaped and she's the one that hurt him! So, was she really not hurt the whole time or was she getting better and just didn't want them to know so she could escape? Still have no clue who this person is and now she's gone. Oh, Jesse was fine.

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