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Burn Notice "Down Range" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Couldn't find any promo pics for this episode, sorry guys. 

Sam and Jesse get caught up in the new plan with Burke and Michael, even though Michael doesn't really want to get them involved. 

Michael's mission gets a little more complicated now that the police are looking for him where he's staying after the last plan that he had to do with Burke. Now he has to shave his beard to change his appearance. I was happy because I didn't like the beard.

Very mysterious guy meets up with Madeline in the park while she's watching Charlie play. But it ends up being a booky that knew Nathan! This can't be good. Nathan owed him $80,000! To make matters worse, the mysterious booky threatened Charlie's life. Fiona comes to the rescue, though. 

So, Michael's plan with Burke is to get into some building and Sam is not at all thrilled about the plan. Especially when he learns he has to possibly kill a guard in case he almost catches Michael. Sam ends up having to kill the guard because the guard almost caught Michael. But I don't get why Sam just didn't shot him in the knee or arm or something. Sam is taking it really hard when he has to kill the guy. 

Strong (Michael's boss) gets involved with the case now because I think they think they are gonna get Burke caught or something. I can't remember correctly. But the whole plan goes wrong. Burke wanted to get the bad guy alone. Sam kept telling Strong the whole time that something was wrong, but never listened. Then a random helicopter shows up and Michael and Burke get into it! Michael's team is not at all happy that he did that, but what was he supposed to do without his cover being blown? That's when we find out that Burke is not the one calling the shots.

Everything works out fine with Fiona and Madeline. Madeline ended up making a deal with the booky to get them off her back and stuff. I actually think she ended up blackmailing him because she wasn't gonna call the police or something.

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Here's the promo for the next episode: