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Covert Affairs "Vamos" (Season Premiere) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Season premiere was kind of confusing at first, but it slowly turns into why I love this show. The mystery, action and romance. Reminded me of the very first episode, but better because now she's with Auggie! I'm sure I'm not the only fan who loved seeing them together and so happy.

But we don't start off right where it left off. All we see is Auggie telling Annie she doesn't have to do this, but do what exactly? We see her maybe shoot someone we have no clue who it is yet and don't know why, either and it's also very unlike Annie to do that. So, why this sudden change in her? Well, they have to go back 10 weeks earlier and fill us all in.

Now it starts off right after the cliffhanger. We learn what was in the file that Henry gave Annie at the end of the season finale. Info on stuff that could get people into trouble and now Henry is saying that in a couple weeks, Arthur will quite his job and Auggie will be getting into trouble and right then does Annie get all upset and decides to do whatever it is that she has to do for Henry to not have Auggie get in trouble and everything.

Auggie telling her that she shouldn't do this, whatever this is and she does it anyways. She has to track some bank account in Columbia and this was a cool part, Auggie calls her and she is walking to her hotel and he's there waiting for her! Aw...., right?!

Mysterious guy is following Annie, but we later find out he's working for the police or an agency (can't remember) and I'm not sure if he's to be trusted or not. It seems like every time we were around him, Auggie had this weird look on his face like he wasn't quite sure.

We figure out who the Puma is! It was the bank account that Annie was searching on and that really gets her and Auggie into major trouble. Auggie gets shot (not bad) and that's kind of how they find Teo. Which it's his account and Auggie isn't sure at first if it's the same guy he met up with. Later it is confirmed to be the same guy, though.

So, all of this is going on in Columbia while poor Joan is having to deal with a certain issue herself. She has gone to the doctors and learns that she's pregnant! Now I believe that the actress who plays Joan is pregnant in real life. Mainly because we saw her previously, but only from the waist up and her face was a little rounder then last season. Those are two dead giveaways that the actress is pregnant in real life. Actually, I just looked it up and yes she is in real life. Kind of glad they decided to work that into the script. I don't like it when shows have to hide it or the actress takes a leave of absence. Tries telling Arthur about it, but it never really works out. Never even sure if she ends up telling him, though. How odd was that talk between Henry and Joan? Joan thought it was strange that he just so happened to be at their weekly restaurant on that day (was supposed to be Jai's birthday).

The police guy (I think his name is Calder) is telling them that they have to leave now, or else it won't be good for any of them. But without Auggie knowing it, Annie has decided to go to the meet with Teo and let's just say, it doesn't go well at all. Teo and Annie get shot at and they aren't far away from where Auggie is at and now he's panicking and him and the police officer run to where Annie is. Annie and Teo are both fine, but now they really do have to leave. 

Once they get home, though, the major thing that Henry told Annie was gonna happen, happened. Arthur has had an affair with someone and told the whole staff about it and put in his two weeks. Joan was not there, however. So I wonder if she's even told Arthur the news. But Teo is Arthur's son. Auggie tells that to Annie. 

How cryptic was that meeting with Auggie and Arthur? What secrets does Auggie have that he hasn't told Annie (if any)? I hope none because they are such a cute couple! I'm so happy they finally got together! Auggie really wants to tell Annie the full story, but Arthur will not let him.

That's how it ends, I guess that was just week one? Because it didn't end with Annie killing or supposedly killing the guy at the beginning. So, it must be a continuing story for now. But man, what an awesome way to start the season! One of their best (if not the best - in my opinion) season premieres of this show!

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