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Graceland "Goodbye High" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Ok, I know I keep saying this, but it's true (especially with this episode) that each episode keeps getting better and better! You thought last weeks had a twist and was awesome? Wait until this weeks! It was ten times more exciting with a twist you weren't expecting and according to the promo for the one in two weeks (yes, two week break, boo!) there's still more twists to come, but I can't think of one that they could throw at us again after this one. I love shows that are this exciting and you don't know what's gonna happen next! So, now let's talk about the show.

They are starting off where we left off last week. With Paul at the meeting and Mike finding him there and learning about his drug use. Even though Paul told Mike all that happened to him and how he became addicted (though, that story might be true, haven't decided yet), I still thought the whole story was a little fishy. I just thought there was more to the story. I don't know why I kept thinking that, but I was and I wasn't wrong, either.

Learned more about Dale tonight. He must not be a regular on the show because he's not in very many episodes. But we just got a glimpse into his personal life. I'm assuming the lady he was seeing was his exwife and he was trying to give something to his son that he can't see and he takes a very tricky way around it to find out more about his son. Goes to Cassandra's current husband (at least, that's who I assumed he was talking to) and talks to him just casually about his family and stuff. I'm wondering if Dale met his wife while he was undercover and told her the truth? Because of how he acted when he found out Mike had to break up with Abby. Just because he said to stay with her as long as possible if he really liked the girl. Mike ends up not breaking up with her, though. And telling her that he might be moving back to where she is at soon because his "case" is almost done. Or so we think.

Remember that mysterious drug dealer that Charlie is wanting to find and that nobody seems to know who it is? Well, there's a big twist coming with this and it makes perfect sense. But before we get into that, I wanna explain all that happens before hand. Paul suggests that Charlie gets involved with Bello and Mike with the drugs and Paul is gonna be the new drug dealer so that they can try and catch this mysterious drug dealer. Bello takes the bait, but little does the whole team know that the mysterious drug dealer is Paul! While the team in the van is searching the crowd to see who it might be, Paul fiddles with is listening devise so they can't hear him explain to Bello who he really is. What a twist, huh? That was one I was not expecting! They start walking away from Charlie and Charlie comes up to them after their whole conversation is done and has no clue what went down (no one does) and all Paul says is that they didn't miss much!

Now I understand why Paul was mad at Charlie for coming clean to the house about her using the other night. I think he was mad because she has been honest to them and he hasn't been honest. I was just thinking it was what he was saying because now they have to cover for her, but I think it's because he's mad and jealous now that she did and didn't keep it a secret. Now I don't trust him at all! I was kind of because of how he was being with Mike at the beginning, but after this, no way!

Talk about a major twist, huh? Were you expecting it? Let me know in the comments below!

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