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Graceland "Hair Of The Dog" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Anybody else addicted to this show like I am? Wow, what a shocker at the end, too! Was not expecting that at all, were you guys?

Paul is helping Charlie deal with what she did the night before at the drug house place and she's having a tough time getting over the feeling and then what makes it worse is that she learns that she has to go into the FBI to explain all that happened at the meet and she's still trying to get over it. So, to get her over it, Paul gives her a little bit of it, doesn't make sense and Charlie doesn't want it, but I guess it's the only way for her to not get in trouble and caught. 

The plan with Bello's is working with Mike and Mike has planned something (without confirming it with Paul and he was upset over that) and Johnny volunteers to do it. Look for the torpedo that's missing. But little to Mike's knowledge, Paul and Johnny had searched for it the night before and found it. Before hand, Johnny had found out what Paul is doing for Charlie and being mad about it was the understatement. It doesn't help that Johnny went into the FBI meeting and covered for Charlie because I think he figured out she was high. Also, she's staying at a CI of Paul's, but really wants to go home, but Paul will not let her. She finally gets to go home at the end and Johnny is really happy and is willing to help her get over this. 

I think Abby might be catching on to something with Mike. Because she realizes that Paige's date isn't really her date, but a drug dealer (she involved her case with them!) and it has Mike nervous now about the relationship. Especially since she asks to see where he lives. Now they can go home, I believe, but I don't know why he seemed nervous about it.

Now it's the big torpedo mission with Johnny, Mike and Bello. I think at first, Mike was really impressed with how he got the job. Thought Johnny was gonna lose it, but he was smart in what he was doing and I just got the feeling that Mike was more impressed with Johnny and so was I. So, now it's time for the mission to find it. Like I said above, Mike has no clue that Johnny found it the other night. Mike does well at getting out of bad situations, but when it comes to having someone die, he does not handle it well. But then again, I don't think anybody could handle that well. Johnny gets blown up! But before that, Mike was gonna have to kill him. 

Well, you thought Johnny was dead, right? So did I, until Mike goes to the FBI building to try and find Paul and he sees Johnny celebrating with the rest of the team! I can totally see where Mike came from, though hitting Paul was probably not the best thing to do. But I'm just happy that Johnny is alive.

Ok, let's talk about that secret we learned about Paul! Mike knew that Paul was left alone with the drugs (which I think was Mike's plan) and so Mike started to follow Paul. How Paul didn't realize that he had a tail, I have no clue. But they drive to some abandoned building and Paul goes in and so does Mike and I was thinking we were gonna see a drug bust with Paul being the drug deal. But we ended up seeing him at a meeting about drugs (sorry, spaced on the name they call it) and Paul admits he's a drug addicted! Somebody pointed out online that how would nobody notice any signs? I was totally shocked. Surely someone would notice he would be high or dropping off? I've never seen any of those signs from him. Makes me wonder if there's more to the story then we know. Because I kept thinking the whole time that the whole drug thing was just a little fishy and now this is making it more weird. I guess he could just be really good at taking it at certain times, but still, you'd think his roommates of all people would notice something odd. Oh, Paul saw Mike there, too.

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