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Graceland "O-Mouth" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

USA has called this show right by saying it's your new obsession because it's my new obsession. I don't know how it's possible for a show to get better and better each week, but this show is proving to do that. I'm glad I finally found a new show that I enjoy. Besides finally watching Person Of Interest, there hasn't been many (actually any) new shows that have caught my interest until this one. Oh, forgot to mention that I missed a few minutes of the show, but I think I only missed the "Previously On..." part, but I'm not sure. 

Paul and Charlie are an item. Well, used to be actually. Which is weird because I thought that she might of kind of liked Mike, but maybe Paige is the one that kind of likes Mike now? Who knows. But Paul and Charlie have to go undercover with their old names on a drug case. They are almost busted on their fist meet with the guy, though because Charlie's CI walks in! But they got out of that one fine because Charlie just started making out with Paul so that the CI couldn't see them.

We finally know why the FBI is investigating Paul! Mike kind of demands to know the truth (which I think is fair because up until this point, I couldn't find anything wrong with Paul, either) and they finally give it to him. I guess during each case for drug busts, they know what's supposed to come in and go out and every time with Paul, it's always less. So, they think that Paul is stealing the drugs for something else. Either another case or doing something illegal with them. 

At first, I was thinking that Mike was trying to set up Paul with something that Bello's is doing, but maybe he still is, but right now all Paul wants him to try to do is to get Mike to be Bello's new bodyguard. Though, Mike has to be more protective and stuff and he doesn't think he's ready. I'm sure Mike felt bad for jumping on that poor clerk in the store that they were at when they wanted to test the DVD on the TV and the clerk told them they couldn't, but that's what he had to to do in order to get the bodyguard slot and it worked and I think Paul was actually impressed. 

I knew something bad had to happen with Charlie's CI when he called her to tell her that he got the meet set up for them. I think he overdosed because she found him dead in the bathroom at the meet. I felt so bad for her. She took it really ahrd. Saying it was all her fault for killing him.

Looks like things with Mike and Abby might have worked out so far. Johnny told Abby that Mike was a pilot! How is he gonna pull that off? I don't think Mike was too thrilled about that. Mike and Abby bonded over a homeless dog. The one we met in the first episode that stole Mike's shoe.

Johnny and Paige had a bet going on if Paul and Charlie were gonna hook up again since they are undercover together and stuff. It was cute that when Paul and Charlie found out about it, that I think they tried to make it so that one of them could win. I think it was Johnny, but I actually can't remember. Just thought it was cute. 

So, now that I've watched a few episodes, my favorite character is of course Mike. But I really like Johnny and I'm slowly starting to like Paige more that we are getting to know her more. I mean, I enjoy all the characters, but those are my favorites right now. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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