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Pretty Little Liars "Gamma Zeta Die" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This episode was probably one of my favorites of the seasons! It had everything that I normally enjoy of this show. Suspenseful moments, creepy moments where you didn't know if something or someone was gonna jump out at you or something. Just awesome and some questions were answered, but more questions came up.

Guess who's back? Mike! Aria's brother! Haven't seen him in a long time. When was the last time we saw him? I think it was back in season one (maybe a little of season two, right?). But Aria thinks that it might be because of something Mike said that made her mom decide not to go to Europe with her boyfriend. How rude was it of Mike to throw Ezra into the fight, though? Because Ella has always been well, maybe not supportive, but more willing to except it then her dad was. Aria ends up asking her dad to give permission to her mom to go. At first, he's not willing to, but we later see them together and I think he does convince her to go. I don't think it was her decision to cancel the trip.

Spencer's mom is getting her a college help guy named, Brenden, I think. Spencer is not at all wanting the help, but Emily doesn't mind the college guy coming because she talks to him and gets some advice, too. They figure out that the phone number came from a college in a city not too far from there and Spencer and Emily both make it seem like they want to go have a tour and stuff of the place, so he gets one for them.

Ok, I already hate bees, so that scene with the bees in the car really creeped me out! Poor Ella! -A obviously had something to do with it. I hope that after that happened, they get the car fully looked at to make sure it's fine and nothing else like that will happen again.

Hanna finds a very surprising thing hidden in her mom's closet. First off, it's locked which according to Hanna is weird that she locked it in the first place and so she breaks in. But I was not expecting to find what she found. A gun! I was thinking it was gonna be the muddy shoes or something, but I think she threw those away. But I'm assuming and so is Hanna that it's the gun that killed Wilden. Why else would it have been hidden where it was? Hanna decides to do something stupid with it. Takes it with her to where Emily and Spencer are at (because Spencer was so caught up in trying to figure out if anybody knew Alison to pay attention to Hanna)! She finds Spencer and tells her that she wants to get rid of it in the town they are in. Spencer tells her that's not a smart idea, but to wait for her while she goes looking for Emily. Hanna gets tired of waiting and wonders off and Emily sees her. One of the many creepy parts in this episode. After Emily tells Brenden that she's not interested in him that way, she continues to follow Hanna only to hear someone following her! They wouldn't announce who they were when she called out to them, but I have a feeling it was someone apart of the -A team especially what happens next. Hanna decided to bury the gun, but somehow the police knew exactly where to go and catch Hanna in the act! See, it's obvious that -A was the one following Emily, not that crazy guy that jumped out and sprayed her.

Spencer found the phone number! While she was looking for Emily, she found a hidden room (that was really creepy, btw). She didn't understand and niehter do I, why it was there and why the phone number led to it. Was Alison staying in that room or someone she was meeting or what? But then Spencer found something odd and creepy. Scratch marks on the wall! If someone was staying there, why would there be scratch marks? Almost makes me wonder if they were staying there against their will.

Emily did go to the college with a different motive then Spencer and Spencer was not getting it until finally Emily just lashed out at Spencer and they started fighting. 

I'm assuming the House Mother of the house they were at with the party was important since -A at the end had a group picture of them and looking at the House Mother (or whatever they called her)? Didn't understand that, but the lady seemed really creepy with what Emily was told about it.   

See what I told you about it being an awesome episode? Did you love it as much as I did? Let me know what your opinions are in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode:

Since it just aired tonight, there's not a promo up on Youtube yet. Sorry guys. :)

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