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Suits "The Arrangement" (Season Premiere) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

You know, I was watching the season premiere tonight wondering why I love this show so much because it's not the normal type of show for me that I would love. I still haven't figured it out. Maybe it's the drama, maybe it's the great cast (cute cast more like it, Mike's my favorite) or I just don't know why. But this was an excellent season premiere episode! Started off the morning after everything went down. Now I can't remember all that happened last season, so some of the stuff is a little blurry. 

I should have known that the dream Mike was having was a dream. I mean, what meeting happens during the middle of the night that could wait until the next morning? Not to mention that Harvey forgave Mike like really fast, too. Thank goodness it ended up being a dream, though, because Rachel came into the meeting and blurted out Mike's secret and he got arrested! That leads him to go to Rachel's house to talk things over. Tells her about the horrible dream he had and she suggests that he quits! Now if he does that, the show would be over. So, I'm hoping that never comes to that and it looks like it may never have to. We do learn that Rachel is a little jealous of Mike. Here he has this fake diploma on his wall in his office and she's been working her butt off and can't get in. 

There's a new case that Edward (their new partner that Harvey is not thrilled at all to have) wants Harvey to work on because he knows that Harvey will do whatever it takes to win and Edward wants to win the case badly. Says it's personal, we just don't know how personal until later on when Jessica finds out and then Harvey does find out. Jessica makes her look like the good person so that she and Harvey can mend their relationship and makes Edward look like the bad person. But I think Harvey knew all along what Jessica was doing. He goes to Edward to make a deal that if he wins the case, he'll get fired! Why he hates the merger that much, I have no clue.

Harvey is not the only one who hates the merger. Louis is also having a tough time with it. Donna trying to cheer him up, but it never really works. I guess the stuff that Louis loves is stuff he can't use anymore at work. And we find out why because it's Nigil who the Quater Master is! But he did all of this to trick Louis into giving him his associates. Louis really wanted the Quarter Master job to get his stuff back. Louis didn't realize that you can't be Quarter Master of the stock and employees at the same time. After bribing Edward to get the job, that's when he realized it and by that time, it was too late for him to undo it. I wonder what damage Nigil is gonna do to the poor employees?

Well, as you probably could figure out, Mike does decide not to quit. Rachel finds out and finds out that Mike has a new office and is not at all happy with him again. But one good thing did come out of their relationship. I believe they finally solved whatever was wrong between them. Because she wanted to know more about Mike and so he told her everything and it went from there.

Mike ends up giving his office back because he is trying his hardest to mend things with Harvey. I thought it was really cute that Louis referred to Harvey as Batman and Mike as Robin and that Mike just had to remind Harvey of that. We find out though, that it might not be that easy of a fix. Harvey is still upset that Mike didn't come to him that night to tell him the truth. But that's one of the things I can't remember what happened.

But to get info on the case without getting Mike involved, Harvey ends up having to go to his old girlfriend, Scotty who is on her way to London. Mike does end up getting some really good info for Harvey and Harvey learns it's from him, but I don't think that helped Mike's case or not (with trying to make amends). 

Harvey, at the end, goes to see Edward to change their deal with the case (because it's gonna be a harder one for Harvey to win) and Harvey ends up not wanting to get fired! Which is good because if the two main characters quit the firm, what would the show be about? But here's a twist: Harvey wants to take down Jessica! Didn't see that coming, huh? 

Did you love or hate the season premiere? Let me know in the comments below!

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