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Suits "I Want You To Want Me" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I still can't believe that Harvey wants to take down Jessica. He tells Donna for the first time and she's shocked about it, I think if I understand her reaction. That's what I got from her reaction. But she's gonna back him only if this is something he really wants to do. All because he doesn't agree with the merger. I don't know why, either. Is it all because Harvey wants to have his name on the door instead of someone else's? I think he's kind of going about it the wrong way, but I guess we will have to see what happens.

Jessica does not like how Cameron talked to Harvey about what happened and she talks to him about it, but gives her a DVD to "help" the case with Ava. But it doesn't really help much just because there's no sound and Ava knew it was a bribe, I believe. I didn't understand much what was going on with this whole case. Especially at the end, did Harvey lose the case or what? I was totally confused then. They took some deal even though Harvey did not agree with it.

Louis makes a kind of a nice speech to his employees telling him that Nigil is gonna have to step up and be him because of something that happened. I actually feel bad for Louis in the episode this week. Because Jessica tells him that he can train any associate that he wants and naturally, he picks Mike. Who didn't see that coming, right? But it all blows up and I just felt bad for him at the end because he and Mike actually made a really good team. Though I'm not sure if Louis was doing all of this to just have Mike agree to be his associate or if this is what it would be the whole time with him. Mike actually liked working with him, too. The case Louis needed help on they actually won and normally those cases don't win. But it was cute seeing them work together, though some of the things Louis did I wonder if it was bribe. Mike does agree to be with Louis, but then Harvey steps back in and gets Mike back! Now I'm more happy that they are finally a team again, but I still felt really bad for Louis when he went to get something to celebrate with. Now what's Louis gonna do to them now that Mike and Harvey are back together?

Rachel was in a good place with trying to help Mike and Mike did not enjoy that all. And all because of this, Rachel and Donna's relationship is gone now because of stuff Donna has said to Harvey about Rachel and stuff. But it looks like Rachel and Mike have gotten closer, though. I just loved the friendship between Donna and Rachel and hoping that gets fixed soon.

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