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Burn Notice "All Or Nothing" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Decided to finally start watching the show again. I decided to wait until they were closer to the end. So, since I haven't watched it in a while, I've kind of forgotten a little bit of what was going on. But not too much. It's always nice when they have the "previously on" part. 

Michael is trying to figure out who Sonja works for, so to do that, he's trying to get in on her good side and help her find the hacker. I'm still not sure if she's to be trusted. I think it's odd that we don't know why they were looking for her in the first place. Like why she was so important.

They have to get into some building because it's possible that's where the hacker is and to do this, Fiona comes in and helps Michael. Michael refuses, of course, but Strong says that Michael has no say in the matter on if Fiona helps or not. Fiona does agree to it, but it gets a little dangerous for her and then for Michael.

I've gotta say that the action seems to be more intense this season, that's for sure! Poor Fiona when her rope broke when her and Michael were on the side of that building! But awesome flashbacks, huh? Glad she was fine, though. I don't want Fiona to die! That'd be a horrible way to end a show.

Barry's back! They have to go to him to help with the hacker stuff and he's not at all pleased to see them. I don't blame him, either. He's really mad because he lost his girlfriend because of all of this. So, Jesse sees a way to get his help and agrees to find his girlfriend. They find her, but she's with a new guy. So, they solved that plan and Barry agreed to help Michael.

Michael gets into deep water when they try to do their plan at the end. The boss of the company they are "hacking" into threatens Michael and wonders what's going on (guess he didn't know what Cody was doing). Fiona picks up on what's going on. Loved the fact that Sam and Jesse were acting as cops! That was hilarious! Fiona was "out on a date" with Cody when they came to get him and told him what was going on. But with Fiona's help, Michael got out just fine and the boss guy got Cody. I believe he killed Cody, but yeah, we didn't see that part.

Now that that's finished, I believe the last scene was all part of the plan with Michael. Though earlier, I had a feeling that Sonja started to have feelings for Michael. I'm really hoping Michael doesn't really have feelings for Sonja, though. That would just be bad, seeing as I don't think we can trust her. Because of all that happens at the end between the two, she decides to make the call to her boss to get Michael in with whoever she works for.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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