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Covert Affairs "Here Comes Your Man" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Well, we got more of a glimpse of what's gonna possibly happen in 6 weeks. First, I thought we were all caught up, but I still didn't know what was going on and then it sadly said 6 weeks later (which I wanted to find out what happened because Annie got shot! - again).

Calder's in charge now and he's not even in charge a day and he's changing like everything. The biggest change: that Auggie is no longer Annie's handler all because they are in a relationship together and Calder like threatens Auggie multiple times throughout the episode because of it, which I don't think is right. In a way, I kind of like Calder, but knowing that he's bad, makes me remember to not like him.

Now I can't remember how Auggie and Annie find out that Calder is bad, but they do and the case that Annie is on right now for Calder, Auggie thinks is a major trap and is very worried for her. To make matters worse, they can't talk at all. Though, they have their ways around that. Annie finally gets a burner phone so that she can communicate with Auggie without Calder knowing about it.

Was it just me or did it seem like Arthur and Joan have made up? Maybe? I hope so. They have a dinner "date" to discuss what Calder is doing to the office. Arthur wants to find out what Henry is doing before Henry does it and Joan is on the case.

Annie should have listened to Auggie the whole time because by the end of when her final meet with the guy was gonna go down, his like bodyguard person beats up Annie! I have no clue why. Teo suddenly appears and saves her and pretends that he's the contact they were looking for. But we find out that Auggie called Teo (I'm surprised, though, seeing as Auggie can't trust Teo) to help Annie out because he was that worried for her. First time I started to like Teo, but when he decides to kill Annie's assignments, it makes me have second thoughts on if we should trust him or not. Maybe that'll be made clearly later on. Who knows?

Annie gets back safely, but decides not to tell Calder all the truth. Though, Auggie knows and this can't help him get on Calder's good side. But I have a feeling Calder knows or at least knows that Annie is lying. Oh, but even though the guy is dead, Calder still wants Annie in on that cover. I thought that was odd and so did Annie.

I get that feeling again that Henry really knows what happened with Seth. They finally find his body and Henry meets with Annie to tell her that. But then we find out something new. Somebody is possibly following Henry? Who could it be? It looked like a lady to me. Maybe Joan since Arthur wants to know more about Henry's plan?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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