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Covert Affairs "Into The White" Episode

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. Been a very crazy work week for me, but I found some down time, so I decided to try and blog a little bit.

Who else agrees that this is the best season so far? Or is that just me? Because almost all the episodes so far, I don't want each one to end and am bummed when the credits come up. This episode was no exception.

Annie must return to Columbia to figure out where Teo stands. If he's still undercover or if he's gone rogue. I'm not really sure what to think. Even after the episode, I'm not sure if he's to be trusted or not. I hope so, but not sure. What do you guys think?

So, remember that Joan figured out all the things with Arthur? Well, she's mad at him and to make matters worse, Annie needs them to work together and is asking Arthur if they can work together. But Arthur ended up telling Joan more then he has told Annie. 

If I understood stuff right once Annie arrived back in Columbia, her and Teo were communicating, right? But Teo decided to grab her out in the open and I don't believe Annie enjoyed that. They devise a plan to make it look like he's a bad guy. I'm not sure what the outcome was supposed to be, though. I think all Annie was trying to do was going to try and get him out of there, but he refused all her help.

Wasn't sure at first what Joan was going in meetings for, but she ended up getting Arthur's old job, right? I'm not sure how she feels about it. But I'm kind of glad they gave it to her. Forgot to say that Joan now knows about what happened to Seth and she wants to go into this house to clean up all the fight mess. I'm not too sure why she wanted to do it. Was there a different motive for her?

Annie goes to the sheriff in Columbia to make the deal and they end up arresting or capturing (wasn't quite sure at this point because they torture him and Annie is not thrilled about having to stand there and watch) Teo and he eventually escapes. To go kill a guy (sorry, can't remember who it was, but apparently, he was gonna kill other people). Annie ended up finding Teo, but let him go because I think she believes him. Teo does however, shoot the guy he wanted to. The sheriff is not happy with Annie and I think he knew she was lying. Teo ends up going in deeper undercover and I think Arthur was expecting him to come home and see him, but he doesn't want to see Arthur. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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