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Graceland "Bag Man" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This show keeps getting crazier and crazier! It's hard to tell on who to trust or not. 

This episode gets even crazier and with me not trusting Paul at all, especially what he does to Mike at the end! But thank goodness Charlie starts to put two and two together and considers that it could be Paul. Though when she tells Johnny her theory, he just laughs at her and says it can't be true, but she doesn't care and decides to investigate him. Good, at least someone is suspecting Paul. I was thinking that Paul couldn't do all of this without at least making some suspicion. 

Who I'm hoping starts to put two and two together is Mike. Because it's his assignment and I think for either Charlie or Mike, that if either one of them found out, that Paul would hopefully not do anything bad, but I'm not too sure at this point what Paul is capable of. 

So, Mike is still in on Bello and learns that Bello did make the drop with Odin, but no one knows how. Paul just shrugs it off, but it he looked mighty guilty (if you ask me) when Mike told him they got DNA back on the drugs and that his DNA was on it (but so was Mike's), but Paul did not like the fact at all that it might have made a mistake.

Paul really pushes Mike into doing something he's totally not comfortable with and Charlie was trying to help with that, but Paul was not listening to them at all. Wanted Mike to make the decision, but I believe Charlie knew it wasn't gonna make him feel great. Charlie was right, too. Mike decides to try and get the cop out of there that Bello kidnapped after they were raided at the warehouse with the drugs. Mike gets him out, but does not like having to watch the guy get tortured first. I don't blame Mike one bit. That part was disgusting!

I believe that the apartment that Charlie stayed at after she got high, was Paul's other place. Or maybe he just has another place besides Graceland? Anyways, Charlie and Johnny go there to check up on Paul and Paul hears them breaking in and hides in his special hiding spot. But even after they didn't find anything, Charlie won't let this feeling go, which I'm glad. 

Anybody else think that Paige is starting to have feelings for Mike? I started to think that in this episode because she didn't tell anybody about Mike sneaking his girlfriend into the place and I just got the feeling that she is starting to like him more as a friend. Also not trusting his girlfriend. They break up because she figures out that he's been lying to her about something. But I just thought that she was being really insistent on seeing Mike's place and I knew that was gonna go from bad to worse right when he finally agreed to show her. 

Now comes the meet with Bello and Odin. I was wondering how Paul was gonna play this. He ends up texting Bello to meet him somewhere else. There ended up being a hole in a dressing room that Bello crawled threw and to through everybody off the trail, Paul hid himself and jumped on Mike and got him in a head lock! I couldn't believe Paul when he did that! Nobody caught him because he made it seem like Odin got away. But Mike was right when he broke a couple ribs on Odin. I was wondering why Paul wasn't getting out of bed. It's because he was in serious pain.

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