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Pretty Little Liars "Guilty Girl's Handbook" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Emily and her family having to deal with the aftermath of what happened to their house and Emily's mom is taking it really hard. I don't understand the breakdown she had when Emily started to talk about all the colleges and stuff. Was it all just getting to her? She also doesn't understand how the police can't find who crashed into their house and also having to deal with the fallout of Emily taking the key to Wilden's place at her job. I think Emily's mom lost her job, right? Or just temporary job loss? But man, with all the stuff she's going through, I guess I could see why she would break down. But poor Emily because now she's like worried about her. I don't blame her. I wanna know if it was just a runaway car without a driver. That's a possibility right? Because how could a driver escape that accident without getting seriously hurt?

Hanna is having the worst trouble of all of them, I think. And is desperate to the point where she is getting Mona help to lie to the cops and say she killed Wilden! But what a shocking turn of events at the end when Mona is the one who confesses instead! Why the change of heart for Mona? I guess I wouldn't be surprised if she was the one who killed Wilden. My question is, what was that smirk she had at the end when she saw her friends come in? Was that weird to anybody else?

The mystery around Mike continues and makes Aria even more worried. Especially when she finds out that he's taking karate lessons from Jake. I guess he's acting very weird again. I have always suspected that he was apart of the -A team. I mean, it would make sense. Because Mona has had a break down from being on it, so has Spencer (not really when she was on it, but yeah) and Mike did, too. I didn't put those two together until I was rewatching the first two seasons.

The doctor that Spencer knew in the hospital was paid off by Wilden to fix something! I can't remember what, sorry. Been a few weeks since I've seen this episode. I'm not really trusting Mrs. Hastings' helper. I don't know why. I just got an odd feeling about him. But he saw Spencer take the file and then Spencer just decided to give it back to her mom (literally). I was shocked, but that's why I like Spencer. She's brave and does stuff like that.

 What was -A drilling into? We know it was a floor, but into what house? I'm guessing it might be one of the girls' rooms, but I don't know which one.

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