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Pretty Little Liars "The Mirror Has Three Faces" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Ok, was anybody else a little confused at the beginning? Or did I just miss something? I wasn't sure why they were sneaking into school and for what? And according to Spencer, none of them are graduating, why? I don't know, sometimes I think I miss something because I'm either taking notes or not paying good enough attention.

How sad did you guys feel for Ezra in this episode? At the beginning, I thought he was being a little spacey, but then towards the middle of the episode, we find out why. Because Maggie's son isn't really his son! How rude of her to make Ezra think that it was his son and guilt him into stuff like that! Ugh, I was just so mad at her! Because that's the reason why him and Aria broke up! Maybe there's hope for Ezra and Aria now? I'm a bit torn on that, though, because I really like her and Jake together and they seem to be getting closer. 

Wren is back! And it was proven all along what I was suspecting. For this, I was hoping that it wasn't the case because I really like Wren, but I sadly, was right. He's on the -A team! He is Mona's doctor now that she's back at the hospital and she starts to question him on some stuff, too. Anybody else (besides Mona) thought it was weird that a doctor would misspell a word? It almost made me wonder if he really wasn't a doctor. If this is all just one big plan from -A. I could be wrong, though. But it's later confirmed that he's talking to someone mysterious on the phone and coloring in a jacket on one of the pictures that he showed Mona and he was coloring it red! :(

Who else was with Emily on staying in Alison's old room? I'm sorry, but I would be completely creeped out, too! Especially since Alison's mom is there and Emily's mom isn't there right now. How creepy would that be!

Well, we now know where -A was drilling in the holes last week, it was in the basement of Alison's house! Emily and Alison's mom go down to the basement to check on something and they find out that someone has been staying there and Emily turns off the lights and realize that whoever it was, was able to listen in on whoever was in the house! But I believe that person is still staying there and that it's Ali, but that's just my theory. I think we find out for sure in the season finale who it is. Hanna goes to check up on Emily and nobody is there. Which I thought was weird because they were just there and didn't say anything about leaving. Anyways, Hanna hears somebody in the house and we eventually see red coat (Hanna doesn't) and whoever it is, is wearing an Ali mask!

We did learn from Alison's mom that she has "seen" Ali after the death. Which makes me wonder even more if Ali is really alive. I don't know why, but I think her saying that was kind of a big clue.

Toby and Spencer go visit his mom's old doctor again and Toby isn't getting anything out of him. Oh, the package -A sent Toby was something his mom used to play and it was a clue. So, Spencer starts playing the piece on the piano and the doctor thinks it's Toby's mom there and Spencer plays along, but before they can find out who was visiting her, they wheel him away. But I believe that it was Alison's mom that was seeing her! They later come right out and ask her, but she doesn't really say yes and doesn't really say no. I wonder why Alison's mom would be there? Odd, right?

Now we see -A at Emily's house and it looked like to me that whoever it was, was gonna try and frame Emily's mom now! Just what Emily needs now, right? More problems. She's already homeless and now might lose her mom, too!

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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