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Pretty Little Liars "Now You See Me, Now You Don't" Episode Review

*Do not read any further if you haven't watched the season finale, MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!*

This is by far the best and most answered questions in a season finale of this show in a long time! I even watched it twice! It was that good! But I will save the best for last. Hopefully -A is truly revealed (that's what I believe, anyways) at the end.

Anyways, Hanna's mom is having to go in for a line-up because of what Travis has confessed to knowing. But I almost wonder if Caleb had something to do with that? What was that nod and smile they gave each other when Ashley was cleared? I just found that odd and wondered if anybody else caught that.

Meanwhile, the girls when they just so happen to be altogether in each one of their houses, they keep getting mysterious packages from -A and each time it's creepier and bigger. First package was Magic Eight balls with their names written on them saying that if Ashley gets set free, they will hear from -A. Second package is of a child coffin (totally creepy, worst one in my opinion) of a doll that looks like Mona and so they all assume that Mona is gonna be in trouble because of Ashley getting free. And third package is a magic box that Spencer knew how to open (go figure, right? - she is the smart one) because she had done a magic show once. I think that scene was the best when Hanna was trying to open it herself! It was totally funny when Spencer would say, "Nope, wrong". 

Wren has mysteriously disappeared and it looks like he's moving. Spencer goes to him for help on trying to figure out where Mona went after her time in the hospital was up, but can't find him. So, since they can't find Mona, they decide to do a stake out of her house to see if she's there or not. Caleb thinks that this part of the story has Mona written all over it and I believe he's right. I don't know if that part exactly had to do with the plan at all. Especially when we find out that Mona is in fact ok and in some hotel some place that Shana goes to visit (Toby followers Shana there). Oh, we also learn that Wren is maybe moving in with Melissa?!

I know I say this everytime, but how creepy is Ravenswood! And to have the Halloween episode there? I mean, those episodes are already creepy enough, you don't have to put it in some place even creepier! But I gotta admit, the more mysteries we find out about Ravenswood, the more I want to watch the spin-off to see what's going on with that strange town. Though, I believe it's gonna be scary. Like ghosts kind of scary, but I'll try it. Anyways, let's see, what was I gonna talk about? Oops, lost my train of thought. Oh yeah, the magic show that they figured out that is what -A's plan is for the girls. They go there and you know the magician is apart of the -A team or something because of the strange look he/she (not sure what gender it is) gave them when they walked in. Aria refuses to go up for the magic trick when they choose her, but Spencer says she'll be fine. I'm with Aria and I was afraid for her, but that wasn't who they should have been looking out for. Emily is the one that got snatched by -A! We still don't know who grabbed Emily. Maybe that creepy guy they saw watching them? Or maybe Cece? Anyways, Emily ends up in a coffin that's tied down to a saw mill and they run to it (well, Red Coat has them follow her - which at this point, I believe is Ali) and they get Emily out fine. But this is when they find out that there are two Red Coats! Cece is one who we thought fell off the railing after getting into a fight with Aria, but she somehow walked away very fast after that. And Ali (who I believe is the good Red Coat) led Spencer to -A's real lair! Yes, I said real lair because I believe the one they had was fake because this one looked more like a lair.

How creepy was that lair? This is where -A tracks everybody through police, security cameras, etc. Hanna asks Caleb to come down to help break into the computer. But in the meantime, they search around and they learn that -A is a guy, not a girl! Now I always thought -A was a girl, not a guy, but now this makes more sense, even more in a few minutes.

The girls learn that there's a Halloween party that night that -A will be at because he thinks Ali will be there. So, naturally, the girls want to crash the party, but on the way to get costumes, they run into that creepy headmistress lady who finally decides to tell them the truth because she wants them to leave. She says that Ali was afraid of someone and that the lady had a gift of sight (Psychic) and she was trying to help Ali see who was after her. She knew the night that Ali was "killed" something was wrong, so she went to her town and found her and pulled her out of the ground (now we know what that creepy part in the 2nd Halloween episode meant) and took her to the hospital, but before she could do anything about it, Ali disappears after the lady went to get help. But then the lady let's the girls know that -A is there, watching them and that they should leave Ravenswood.

But now here's the creepiest part of all! We do indeed see someone who was watching them and he leads us back to the lair and you'll never guess in a million years (at least I didn't) who -A is! It's EZRA!!!! I was so shocked! I never really liked his character much, but I thought it was just because the whole teacher/student dating. But when they showed this, everything made sense. I was thinking it might have been him the minute we saw the suits. That's who's name popped into my head. I know some people are upset by this and if it was Toby, I would feel the same way, but we always knew it was gonna be someone we knew and trusted. The girls got several warnings from their friends or members on the -A team from that. I wonder if Garrett had figured it out and that's why he was murdered? Remember Ezra was mysteriously on the train right after the thing with Aria happened. We assumed he was there for Aria, but now I know better. But I read an article that the official Facebook of the show posted that said that they have given us subtle hints here and there that it was gonna be Ezra and I thought I read somewhere that Marlene knew from day one who it was gonna be. I could be wrong about that one. I've read a lot of things on stuff the past few days. Also, the article teased that Ezra may have a Jekly-Hyde thing going on. Oh, the girls have no idea, and I hear that Aria is put into danger because of this now. Here are my theories on why everything clicked into place when they revealed Ezra: Ezra Is A - My Theories . 

Oh, we will learn why Caleb ends up going to Ravenswood in the Halloween special of the show. Which is perfect, seeing as it's the series premiere right after. 

What a crazy episode, huh? Were you as shocked (but everything clicked into place) as I was with this major reveal? Let me know in the comments below!

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