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A Theories (SPOILERS!!!!!)

*Do not read any further if you haven't watched the season finale - I reveal who -A is!*

I know everybody is doing this and some of mine probably match up to their list and some of them I did get from them and from other people and just by talking on the Facebook page and some of them are my own theories. So, here's my list on why it's highly logical that Ezra could be in fact -A.

1. Ezra was in the first Halloween episode when they flash back to the year before Ali disappeared and Aria bumped into him in the college hall on her way to see her Dad at work.

2. I always found it fishy about the story where he got all that money all of the sudden and it was right around the time Jason had that big reward money up for the return of Alison's body.

3. Um...never thought about this and this makes an interesting theory. Remember when Noel wanted a different grade and he told Ezra to make it an A? Well, I, like everybody else thought he meant he was talking about the grade. Maybe perhaps he knew Ezra was -A? Because I believe (if I remember correctly, correct me if I'm wrong) that Ezra looked flustered and asked "What do you mean?" after that. It could have been before that, but I can't remember. (Saw this on another blog site.) Like there could have been more ways to answer Noel's question and we all assumed Ezra was worried that Noel was gonna rat him out to principal about him dating a student. It would make sense why Noel was kind of acting almost protective of Aria in that episode.

4. Texts started the first day of school when Ezra was there. Was it Aria that got the first one? I can't remember. Or they at least start the first time we see Ezra.

5. Who would kidnap his "son" (who we now know isn't his son)? My theory is, that Alison texted Spencer pretending to be -A to do it so that Aria would break up with Ezra so that she could keep Aria safe. If Ezra truly is bad, it would make sense.

6. There were 2 Red Coats. Cece was one of them and she was on Ezra's payroll trying to throw the girls off the trail. But Alison was the real Red Coat and trying to help her friends. I mean, if it wasn't for her, they wouldn't have found the lair in tonight's episode and I believe the one they did have, was fake.

7. I believe Ezra was the older guy that Ali was dating and got scared of when she thought she was pregnant and that would have given him a reason to want to kill her. They could be running on the twin theory and Ezra could have killed the wrong girl and thought he was killing Ali. That would make sense as to why Ali is in hiding.

8. My theory on Maggie is that she's not real. Or she is real and we need to know her story more. Why would she run away when she thought she was pregnant? Maybe Ezra got violent with her and she got scared? Or Maggie was on Ezra's payroll and it was just all a big story.

9. Also, found it odd that -A listened to the same type of music that Ezra did in that one episode of his birthday party (I believe it was). 

10. Ezra could be another Toby thing, but he's never mentioned the fact that he wants to help the girls figure out the problem and he never knew that Aria was acting weird around him to wanted to find out. Toby flat out said he was gonna research it on his own. Why would Ezra know right where the lair was in tonight's episode? I know he was following the girls, but we didn't see anybody following them before hand and it looked like he knew exactly where to go. The old lady told the girls that the creepy guy was there in town watching them. Maybe she saw a shadow behind them and knew. Why else would he act so angry when he got to the lair? Stuff had been looked through. You knew that and he did, too. He looked like one guilty person if you ask me. And I know suits are just suits, but that's when I suspected him. When they said it was a guy and pointed out the suits. His name popped into my head and it all clicked into place. Ezra just never seemed worried that this stranger was possibly hurting the girl he loved. And not to mention that Aria has never been in any real danger. Except for the Halloween episode on the train. But Ezra was there. He could have easily pretended that he had just gotten there to find Aria.

11. I always found it odd that he wanted to know more about the whole Jenna thing and was almost demanding about the text that Aria got on her phone when she left it at his place by accident one night and I felt like he got caught when that text came. Like he didn't want anybody to know about their relationship. Like at all, in a creepy way. And that whole thing with the text, he could have been sending it to Aria, but hadn't realized she left her phone there and that could have all just been an act to have Aria confide in him.

12. It's been said multiple times by characters in the show and I believe from the producers themselves, that it's someone the girls knew real well and trusted and Ezra fits that description to a T and I believe I read somewhere that it was someone who we see in almost every episode and that's been true for the most part. 

13. Someone pointed out that when Ezra is gone, the texts hardly come to the girls and I believe they are right.

14. Ezra has always liked younger girls and have you noticed that if something gets too serious with him, they get scared or something like that happens and they break up and run away?

15. Why would Ezra have been at Ali's funeral?

16. Someone pointed out that Ezra was on Aria's timeline. He could have just put himself there to remind him of when he first met Aria, etc.

17. Someone also said he wasn't wearing a hoodie, but all the -A's have been. Wondering if maybe just his workers were hoodies and he wears the suits to make nobody suspicious of him when he's around? Ezra always wears suits.

My theories could be totally off, but that's why they are called theories. We could learn more and figure out that Ezra isn't bad, but I don't know about you guys, but I just feel like that isn't the case this time. Why would they repeat a story line? That would seem kind of boring to me.