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Burn Notice "Nature Of The Beast" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Michael has his first case with James and it's not a really good case. I'm actually surprised that Michael went through with it because he normally wouldn't do it. But he's so into getting James caught that I don't think he's really thinking about stuff. I'm not the only one who thinks that because Sam had a heart to heart with Michael letting him know that. But I believe Michael realizes it and that is why he involves Sam in stuff.

Strong finally might have a break in the mysterious James case. Find someone who used to work with him that ended up in the hospital and we find out it was because of James that he ended up there! So, now Michael could be in danger. But we do find out a bunch of info on James, finally. But poor Jesse, he got kidnapped by the guy first because they were looking for him. I believe the guy was hiding in the morgue, not the elevator shaft like Fiona thought. 

Sam was not at all happy with the plan that he and Michael had to do. Michael really put Sam's life on the line at least a couple times. But they finally got the guy to come with him so that they could bring him to James. We have know clue what James wanted to do to the guy, but I'm assuming he probably wanted to kill the guy.

Michael has gotten really crazy with all the plans he's doing for James. One in this episode could have gotten him killed! He actually just hurt his leg, but I'm sorry, he needs to think things through more! Sheesh, he keeps scaring his friends like to death. 

Madeline is worried about Fiona. Fiona's boyfriend (who I don't really like, btw - probably because I want her to end up with Michael) is the one who's worried, but Madeline is the one who can get info out of her and she does. Can I just say that Charlie is super cute?! It looks like James might be kind of threatening him in a way. Michael will not stand for that. 

Michael gets home safe, even after James told him that he had to take a different route home. Michael tried hard to get onto that boat, but James refused. Makes me wonder what he did to that guy? Maybe it's better we don't know. This is where Michael talks to the guy they found and we learn a lot about James. I'm not sure if it makes Michael nervous or not. I hope it does.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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