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Castle "Valkyrie" (Season Premiere) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Will she say yes? The biggest question of the cliffhanger was answered in the season premiere of Castle on Monday night. I am actually thrilled with her answer. Btw, she said yes! Thought it was cute that at first, she thought Castle was gonna break up with her!

So now the question is, is how are they gonna work a long distance relationship? Kate decides to take the job in DC, but was it just me or did she seem like she started to miss her old job and getting to work with Castle and stuff? It looks like she was kind of sad when she went home after work. But how cute of Castle to surprise her at home? 

Thought this was just gonna be the same old same old. With Kate getting a case and having to solve it, but it turned out to be much bigger then that and ended up being one of the best season premieres of the week (so far, I'm not done with watching the season premieres yet)! 

So, since Castle ended up surprising Kate at her house, he's all curious about this big time case she's working on, but now he can't know about it. But that's not gonna stop him from investigating. You know Castle. Once he's curious about something, he won't let it go. Which is bad in this case. Well, first off it's bad because he almost gets Kate fired multiple times and then he ends up getting some virus thing that killed a guy and now they have to find the antidote! Well, we all know a star can't die in a TV show. Kind of would ruin the show, but I still don't know how this will play out. Well, I'm pretty sure he won't die. Castle isn't that type of show to kill off someone like that. I would hope not, anyways. 

Alexis has a boyfriend! And let's just say that Castle is not thrilled at all about him. Poor guy, though. All he tries to do is try to get on Castle's good side and it like backfires every time for him. I'm not sure how I feel about her boyfriend either. I mean, I'm sure he's fine, we just don't know a lot about him.

What a cute way to still include Ryan and Esposito. Ryan is preparing for his baby coming soon and Esposito is just being Esposito. Castle calls them about a "case" (which they don't know is real - they later find out) question and they end up getting involved later on, too, when they find out that whatever the guy who kidnapped Castle for a little bit (that's when Castle ended up getting poisoned but he didn't know it) said and Castle learns that it's a big deal, whatever it is. I'm a little curious myself. 

But now comes the sad news when we learn of Castle's fate. Kate is the one that tells him. He has at least 24 hours to live and then it comes up with "To be continued"!

What a premiere, right? Did you love it as much as I did? Let me know in the comments below!

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