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Covert Affairs "Crackity Jones" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Well, this episode turned out awesome, but ended on a sad note and here's why....

Auggie finds out the truth from Arthur that Helen is still indeed alive and has been working off the grid (or however they referred to it as) for a long time doing good. And we learn why Helen did what she did. Although, I'm still not trusting Helen at all. I mean, how could she possibly know about Annie turning down the job offer from Henry when no one knew about it? 

But anyways, Annie and Helen have to team up to get back the missiles and first Annie questions Auggie's feelings for Helen which makes him upset with her. What's worse is that when Annie and Auggie go to Arthur to find out the truth, is that Auggie gets so mad that he hits Arthur (later he tells Arthur that he can no longer trust him)! I think this is why Annie questioned his feelings for Helen. Could it be that he still loves her? According to Helen, though, it was all just apart of the plan. But later on, I kind of doubt that when she tells Annie what happened and why she faked her death. She was protecting Auggie because she made a mistake on their mission. 

So, back to the case. Annie is trying to figure out where the missing missiles are and they go to the guy that they think will know where they are. But we find out that he was working for Henry (or did we know that already and I just missed that?). Henry arrives early to wherever they were (sorry, missed that part on why Henry was even there) and Helen is wondering why he's there early. Was he the one that was gonna pick up the missiles? I felt very confused during this whole part. I didn't understand the plan, I guess.

Auggie just has the worst of luck in this episode. First, he finds out that Helen is alive, then he questions why he and Annie were put together (but I'm not sure if this part was such a bad thing or not - Joan wanted to get him out of his comfort zone and she knew Annie would do that), but now comes the worst of all! The horrible break-up! Yep, you read that right. The awesome couple decided to call it quits last night all because of what Helen told Annie after she saved Annie from almost getting killed by the guy that they were doing the missile deal (which he didn't have them after all). According to Helen, you can't have feelings when you are a spy because that leads to bad decisions and at first, I thought Auggie was gonna disagree with that but he ended up agreeing with Annie! All because they weren't thinking clearly. But I'm telling you, this show is doing it right with this couple. Most shows get boring once the couple you want to get together, gets together. But not this show. It got more exciting and now there's trouble for my favorite couple on the show. Hopefully it'll get fixed soon.

Though, my question was during this episode is whatever happened to Annie's old boyfriend? I have a funny feeling that we will see him again. Because didn't he go like deep undercover in something? In a way, I kind of miss him, but not really because of Auggie. But yeah, kind of surprised that story line hasn't been brought up with again seeing as that's how the show started. But maybe it's done with and I can't remember.

I wasn't sure what Calder was looking into with Annie? Was that her statement of what happened with Seth or the missiles when they went missing?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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