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Covert Affairs "Hang Wire" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Hey guys! I'm finally back! The first show I started to get caught up on was Covert Affairs and I'm glad I did! Man, that was the best season so far! I wonder who the writers are because it was just brilliant! 

So, anyways, the search on the missing missiles continue and trying to get Teo to come back home. Which both don't turn out well at all. And a new shocker, could Calder actually be trusted? Were we wrong about him this whole time? If he isn't with Henry, then is he working for someone or just seriously trying to get to the truth?

Teo is on the run to kill Henry, but I believe if I understood it right that Annie was there to stop him and protect Henry. Which was a big mistake on Annie's part. Annie does end up saving Henry, which she later regrets. Especially when Teo gets kidnapped by Henry and shot all because of this as well. 

Arthur goes to a lawyer, Bianca. I wasn't quite sure why he was going to a lawyer though. Anybody know why and I just missed that part?

I feel super bad for Auggie in the last two episodes. Calder has him still and is questioning him. However, that's when we realize that Calder could possibly be good or at least not working for Henry like we all thought. Joan is so mad at Calder for taking Auggie and they actually tell her the truth on what went down. I was surprised. 

Henry really shows his true colors as an evil villain (kind of a lame word to use I know, but it's the best I could come up with) in this episode. Shoots up an airplane with big time government people in it and is now framing Teo for it! I couldn't believe Henry would do such a thing!

My question is though, was Henry always this bad and his son dying the last straw or was he just always this bad and we never knew it? Because remember, Jai did not like his dad one bit. Maybe now we know why.

Poor Teo, though! I'm so sad what happens to him. Teo got shot in the leg and ends up dying at the end! But it was kind of good in a way because Arthur and Teo had a kind of moment before Teo went into surgery. But still, it was so sad. And now Annie is on the run because she can't trust anybody (except for Auggie, of course) and is gonna get to the bottom of this with Henry.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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