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Covert Affairs "I've Been Waiting For You" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This episode was just beyond amazing, yet again! I can't believe there are only 2 episodes left until the season finale. This season has gone by way too fast! But man, it's been a great one!

They are still trying to locate the missing missiles and Annie believes that she has a way in on trying to figure out where they went, but the only way she can get help on doing that is from Teo because he was friends with the one guy who might know where they ended up at.

So glad that Auggie decided to still work with Annie even though they took a break. It is going to complicate things for them, but I don't like it when they split up this team. Even when they weren't dating, I still didn't like them not working together. They have such a fun relationship. But it's because of Auggie that Annie gets to meet with Teo and figure out all the info on the guy they are after: Edward.

Who just so happens to be the same guy that Calder is after. Which as we all know at this point, can't be a good thing for Annie or for Teo. I must have missed something on why Calder is looking into Annie so hard, though. That part I still don't understand. Is it because he's working for Henry or is it because he knows what she said isn't true on what happened with the missiles? But we find out that Calder has friends in pretty high places still. 

Was it just me that wanted to cheer when Joan said she was pulling Annie from Calder's department? That part was just awesome! Though Annie looked confused on what was going on and was wondering why she was working for Joan, but let me just tell you, that was a wise decision on Joan's part.

Poor Annie. First she got put in an awkward position when Teo and Arthur meet face to face after however many years it's been and then when Teo meets Joan was just as awkward. It looked like Annie wanted to be anywhere but there at that time. I would have totally felt the same way.

The plan is to get Edward out of jail so that Teo can question him on missiles. They make it look like a transfer. Everything is going fine, except for when Calder ends up there right when Annie is checking out at the gate. Then Annie gets run off the road with Edward and Teo in the back of the truck! First, I thought Teo wasn't gonna make it out alive because he was insisting that he rescue Edward (who didn't want to be rescued when he found out Teo was a traitor), but thank goodness he did decide to leave because he would have been blown up! But now Teo is mad and doesn't want to go back to the CIA and now Annie's is on her own with Calder coming right to the car crash. So she has to make a quick getaway. 

All I can assume is that Joan got the call in on getting Annie out of there. How she made that happen, we have know clue. But once Annie got home, she realized that her whole entire apartment had been gone through and all her stuff was taken away! She goes to Auggie to warn him and he starts shutting down his computers and all that and the team heads there to do the same thing! No surprise here when we find out that the leader was Calder. Annie has to make a quick exit, but not before Auggie and Annie make up! Glad Auggie saw the light and decided Helen was wrong in her thinking. They kissed! Which was good because at the end, I think Auggie got arrested or at least brought down for investigating. Joan is not gonna be happy when she finds out about this, let me tell you! You do not want to get on her bad side.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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