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Graceland "Happy Endings" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Another amazing episode in this brand new series, yet again. Anybody else obsessed with this show like I am? I watch a lot of shows and this is one of my go to shows (along with Pretty Little Liars) when there's a new episode on. Man, I was right about something, too! That hasn't happened in this show, yet!

I fall more in love with Johnny's character in each episode and this episode is no exception. He just a sweet guy and very protective of his friends. How cute was that scene with the pancakes? Making different shapes and stuff. I'm so glad he is working with Charlie now on the Paul/Odin case because she doesn't realize how deep she is into it and who her cop partner actually is. Which I was suspecting it was him the minute we saw him. Ok, maybe not the minute we saw him, but the first time we saw him, I thought he was just acting odd. And I was right! The cop guy, Rafael is the Key Man! However, Charlie has no clue that it is him. Which I believe makes her more in danger and I'm glad Johnny has her back now.

So, now Paul's whole plan is starting to go under. Either he realizes it and is feeling guilty about betraying everybody close to him or he is getting very panicky and will do whatever it takes to keep is secret. Could be both, but right now I think it's the latter. Because he involves Dale with getting the tape back from Juan's car! 

This turns out even worse then it sounds because Paige and Mike end up looking for the same guy that Paul is working with! Let me just say though, that I love the fact that Paige and Mike made up and are working together on the case. She wants to know the truth now as much as Mike does. Mike is also not trust Paul at all anymore. Mike ends up putting a tracker on Paul's car. But either Paul suspects it or what because they end up taking Dale's car to the meet.

How awesome was it when Mike just walked in on Paul trying to get a job with the guy? That part was just awesome! Paul's face was just hilarious, but he and Mike recovered very well and both thought on their feet, but let me just say that Paul was not thrilled at all that Mike just randomly showed up there. They are however, after the same thing. But for different reasons. Mike wants to prove that Paul is innocent, but we all know that's not the case. Paul wants it so that no one can know that he killed an FBI agent. So, to make the plan a long story short, they get the job, go through with the plan, Mike pulls cuffs on Paul to get to the car first, but the tape is already gone! Who could have gotten to it first? Was it Dale or did someone else take it? 

Now the story gets even more interesting. Well, not that it wasn't before, but you know what I mean. Paul had a hidden stash of something in Graceland itself and took it and I believe he's on the run now because he couldn't clear his name, etc. 

Oh, back to Charlie and Johnny and the Key Man. Thank goodness on whoever called Charlie at the last minute before she went into Rafael's place because I believe he was gonna kill her! I'm hoping nothing happens to Charlie. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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